Monday, October 24, 2016

America's Offender-In-Chief Shoots Off His Lie-Hole Again

I have to admit, at this point I'm kinda looking forward to our national Dunning-Kruger census on November 8th.

It's been a long time since we've had a really accurate, precinct-by-precinct count of how many of our fellow citizens are irredeemably bent bigots and dumbfucks.

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bluicebank said...

Always amused to see Drumph applying his tactic of sneaking up on women and attacking them, to invading a city. But unlike women who see Trump coming, ISIS in Mosul did not run away. Which is what Der Groepenfuehrer claimed, that ISIS would be so stupid as to line up in long convoys into the Iraq desert.

I guess we should have sent in Ninjas.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good evening, Mr. Glass.

"Vote Trump and win again."

Cue Keanu Reeves in "The Devil's Advocate"...

Be seeing you.

Frank Wilhoit said...

"...a really accurate, precinct-by-precinct count..."

Well, yes; Trump will give us this, because he is isolating his people, locking them all in a box and making as sure as he (and they) can that no one else is in there with them. And this may be useful, because it will show (to anyone who is looking or who cares) that they are outnumbered on a national scale.

But it will tell us nothing new, as the county maps from 2000 onward have shown an ever-tighter concentration of non-Trumpians in the cities, while the Trumpians will remain an overwhelming supermajority in all of the rural areas.

This is not sustainable.

The reaction to Trump's loss will take the form of a wave of state-level legislation and budgetary policies designed to punish the cities.

Did I already point out that this is not sustainable?

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

They are so fucked in the head that they cannot recognize their own intellectual deficiencies and so the result, the unavoidable result, of the election can only point to one thing, it was rigged. I still like the idea of a headcount, a nice accurate number of proud morons.

Matt jones said...

@Frank Wilhoit: "punish the cities" how, exactly? By enacting *more* of their mythology into laws? By insisting city dwellers pay *more* to subsidize the existence of meth-crazed neo-Confederate wingnuts?

John MacCuish said...

When Nixon resigned, a poll suggested that 25% still supported him. I have always used that figure to approximate the Dunning-Kruger number.

RUKidding said...

When Nixon resigned, my RWNJ fundie parents insisted that it was "unfair" because "everyone did it." It's just that Nixon "got caught." This is to point out that rightwing cognitive dissonance and distorted viewpoints are nothing new.

Hate Radio, Fox, "Christian" broadcasting, Mega Churches, the mighty propaganda wurlitzer have just amped up the volume and the rubes. There's been a pretty steady 25% to 30% that cling and grasp to failed Republican ideology - and that's all that Trump is - no matter what. I expect the same to happen this time around.

And I fully expect this percentage of voters to remain about the same. They won't change. They don't want to. They're comfortable in their delusions.

dinthebeast said...

I have read that it's 27%, and called "the crazification factor"...

-Doug in Oakland

driftglass said...

Bush Regime Dead-Enders

RUKidding said...

The children & grandchildren of Nixon Regime Dead Enders. I come from a large extended family of Dead Enders. The only one who got out. Believe me, they live in Crazytown.

jim said...

AKA national mental hygiene snapshot.


Robt said...

Living in California during the Reagan Governorship.
I was there when Governor Ronald decided we cannot afford to provide mental hospitals for the incurably insane nor provide mental health treatment at any of these facilities.
Shut them down and turn them loose, allows for tax cuts.
And thus began the republican revolutionary army of voters to this day.
And we see today without the mental help they required, they follow Trump..