Thursday, August 04, 2016

Header Changed For The Duration

This little blog is a poor thing, but it is mine own.

And until November it seems like a good idea to have a daily reminder of the difference between important and winnable fights that are worth my limited time and energy, and impenetrable walls against which I could bang my head until the crack of doom and never budge a thing.


bowtiejack said...


XtopherSD said...

You are wise beyond words...

DeboT said...

I miss the hounds.

Cugel said...

There are lots of fights we can win:

1. We can elect Hillary by such a large margin we control both House and Senate for the first time since 2010.

2. We can defeat the big push to rush through TPP in the lame duck session - which will happen.

3. We can pressure Majority Leader Chuck Shumer to eliminate the filibuster on judicial nominees starting day 1, since the GOP has already announced they will instantly revert to "the anti-Hillary party, because we do that pretty well" and they will utterly blockade everything for 4 years if we let them. Then we can fill all the judicial vacancies Obama was prevented from filling. This will block future attempts to gerrymander and revoke the Civil Rights act.

4. All other legislation is likely blockaded by the GOP in the Senate, but we can introduce it, pass it through the House on a party line vote and try and force some of it through. This might be partially successful, but will be difficult - just as it was the last 8 years.

5. We can rebuild the 50 state strategy DWS and the DNC dismantled. We're going to need it in 2018.

Neo Tuxedo said...

"She told them that she didn't trust the president and the $400 million that he sent to Iran because she had heard Oliver North on Fox TV explaining how terrible it is secretly to pay off the Iranians to obtain the release of our hostages."
-- Brother Charles, I Spent the Day with Trump's Undying Fans in Maine (which is not a patch on "I Was the Man with Animal Powers" or even "I am a Man of Deep Ungodly Powers").

"Let us assume that we are fucked."
-- Philip Sandifer, Neoreaction a Basilisk

dinthebeast said...

Cugel: Yes, we need the 50 state strategy especially in the statehouses, and before 2020, so we get to draw the districts after the census. I would kinda like to see independent commissions like we have in California, but if we can get a bunch of our own districts this time, getting those commissions will be easier in the future.

-Doug in Oakland

Chan Kobun said...

and impenetrable walls against which I could bang my head until the crack of doom and never budge a thing.

DG, you've been doing exactly that for years - DFB, Tom Friedman, Andy Sullivan, Nooners, the entire bullshit Both Sides meme. Why stop now?

Jimbo said...

It would be great to be able to get the HOR back but that's extremely unlikely even in the event of a Trump blowout because so many states are now controlled by the GOP and they have aggressively gerrymandered Democrats out of any possibility of getting any majorities in the House for a long time. Clinton (with elimination of the filibuster and a Democratic Senate) can make progress on the SCOTUS and other federal judgeships but I see no possibility of even moderate legislation (forget about progressive legislation) going anywhere. As a result, the executive Presidency could become even stronger than it now is.