Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Springtime for Donald and Pence VP

Donald Trump's Republican National Convention Calendar:

Monday:  Six hours of Two-Minutes Hate.  Fuck up the schedule. Humiliate wife in front of 35 million witnesses by brazenly plagiarizing speech from the Kenyan Usurper's wife.  

Tuesday:  Unbroken hysterical Hillary Hate on "Jobs" Night".  D-Listers.  Continue humiliating wife by brazenly lying about plagiarizing the speech from Michelle Obama.  Blmae the Liberal media, Hillary Clinton and My Little Pony.   

Wednesday:  Try to finally kill the Melania plagiarism story by more Three Stooges cover-up nonsense and finding a patsy.  Let Ted Crux frag the campaign in prime time.  Fuck up Mike Pence's VP roll out a second time.

Thursday:  File for political bankruptcy.

At this point the Trumpshirts are so desperate for a story that does not end in flop sweat and squirming, Baghdad Bob-level lying in front of a bank of cameras, that if Trump put on Mickey Mouse ears and rode upright in a tank singing "Springtime for Hitler" they would declare it Churchillian.

So, in addition to being a pathological liar, a bigot, a fascist and a fraud, Donald Trump is either the most organizationally incompetent nitwit ever to run for President, or he is running some kinda of brilliant, next-level "Producers" shit --

-- that none of the rest of us can figure out, but which will make Trump another mountain of money.


Mike Herron said...

I've only followed the RNC Con through social media, but it seems to be a mash up of an Orwellian nightmare, A Hunter S. Thompson Acid Trip fever dream and a 1932 Hitler Rally...

As Liberals and Progressive we all saw the circus coming but had no idea it would just be one never ending freakshow...

Unknown said...

Monday was the speech thievery
Tuesday was the inept spinning of the speech thievery
Wednesday presented us the scapegoat for the speech thievery

Cirze said...

HST would be bowing to Trump at this moment.

It doesn't get any more fear-and-loathing unfathomable.

RUKidding said...

Good analysis of this shit show both in post and comments. I don't have a tv and have been too busy to pay much attention, except in social media - mostly of the snarky kind.

What I see in more serious entries is that the convention hall is mostly only half filled - something not made entirely clear by the rightwing propaganda media. This is very unusual for either convention, so it shows the reality of paucity of Trump's fans. Of course, the media doesn't discuss this. That's in addition to the weird amalgamation of speakers trotted out to do strange dog 'n pony shows. But again, the media is pretty quiet about that, too.

I coulda cared less about Melania's plagarism, frankly, but it seems to me lik it was done simply to gin up "reality tv" type of attention. I have watched very few reality tv shows and none of Trump's shows, but it sort of seems to me that it's that kind of totally ginned up reality tv emotional sturm & drang to drag in the idiot viewers while garnering ratings. On that level, the plagarism worked very well.

Calling for the execution of Goody Clinton has given me some pause, even given what a shit show this is. But there again, Trump is pushing every envelop he can find. And then add on extra lashings of how very very UNSAFE!!!111!!! EEEK SQUEEEE!!!11!! we are... and here we go.

Kind of a nightmare. I can't figure out if Hunter S Thompson made the right decision in bowing out early or not, but sure wish he was here to witness and comment on this miasma.

keith gargus said...

"Are you not entertained?"

When the promised "Days of Rage" did not come to pass, and the Never Trump folks were strangled in their sleep, what was Maximus Grifter to do? Destroy the gooper empire seemed like it would entertain the horde. Nice work. And I always knew the Orange Wedding would come into play somehow. Excuse my mixing of metaphors.

Robt said...

Do not under estimate the 30 years of developing the robotic programmed GOP base.

Nor the GOP'er that controls their messaging to them.

I mean;
I could shoot and murder in cold blood smack on broadway in NYC in front of everyone and never be held accountable.

Makes one so proud to have a would be leader of the free world make these statements.
Doesn't it?

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

I agree with DG's use of "The Producers" as an analogy for the Trump campaign. All along it has been apparent that he wants the attention brought by campaigning and the power that comes with the title of POTUS to feed his ego, but he never had any intention of actually doing the job. All that remains to be seen is how he gets out of it.

jim said...