Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Non Sequitur! Your Speech Is Uncoordinated!

From CNN:
Melania Trump's speech plagiarizes parts of Michelle Obama's
I must say, watching the paid-by-the-hour Trump hooker on CNN and the pro-Trump potato bug on MSNBC drowning in flopsweat and running in circles screaming "Foul!" is fucking hilarious.

As Joy Ann Reid said, if Michelle Obama had done anything like this in 2008, the media would have gutted her and her husband. But it's not Mrs. Obama, it's a pretty, white Republican lady who is the wife of a rich New York celebrity so the media has gone immediately into full "It wasn't her fault! Fire the staffer who did this!" mode

But I must say, the fact that, of all people, they ripped off Michelle Obama -- the one person the Right hates with a harder, crazier, more bigoted fury than anyone else on Earth -- is what makes it art.


Mr. Sonia on the Twitter machine points out that there also appears to be a Rickroll slipped into the middle of this hot mess:

Remember, this is the launch event for the Republican campaign for president.

A campaign being run out of the back pocket of the man who has all the best words.

A man who knows there is no better word than "stupid".


The Original Jesusonacid said...

To err is human...thus the paradox.
Because to forgive is....ERROR!

thankyou for being.

As I say to my wife often...

PEACE OUT, my pretty little arthritic fingering!

proverbialleadballoon said...

Thanks for the update. It appears that whoever wrote the speech had to know it would be parsed, adding the rick roll is a nice touch. Trump just got played, for the lulz. The first day of the republican convention and all anyone will hear about it is about this speech.

Robt said...

Most illogical

Milania gave one of the greatest speeches Michelle Obama ever gave.

Quite unusual though, using a sci fi movie of the past. That is projected in the future. To align a present speech copied by a speech giver in the past?

The reports that the gifted Milania plagiarization was so greatly received with applause from the GOP circus peanut gallery.
The reports of the "most bestest greatest" copycat act was not yet common knowledge.

Will the peanut gallery still embrace Milania's speech once they find it's origin?

You see, when Hillary marries Bill. Hillary is gold digging and calculated and "hitching her wagon" to a man to enhance her career.

When Milania marries into wealth with Trump, she is following through with the hard working values her parents told her. That she can be anything she wants if she just works hard and using her "plagiarized" word as her bond.
See the difference?

Marc said...

First the campaign logo, and now the rick roll. I'd almost think there is a grand ratfcking going on, but this is the GOP....

Hubert Vale said...

There's also the anti-Rickroll because Trump will tell lots of lies and make you cry.


Don P said...

Have Ben Domenench and Mike Barnicle weighed in yet?

tony in san diego said...

It is one of the 50 Greatest Conservative Rock Songs.

Unknown said...

What proverbialleadballoon said.

This is an awesome and insidious case of rat-fucking by an insider against Trump. I nominate a Cruz mole as the likely perp.

The level of paranoia and chaos this must be causing in Trump-land is hard to imagine.

Lawrence said...

With #6 you get Rickroll?