Monday, June 20, 2016

Lewi, Lewi, You Gotta Go Now

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Nixon fires Haldeman

Trump fires Lewandowski.

From the New York Times:
Donald Trump Parts Ways With Corey Lewandowski, His Campaign Manager


Donald J. Trump is parting ways with his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, a move that comes as the presumptive Republican nominee faces challenges as he moves toward the general election.
They fired Lewandowski because they can't fire Trump.

Lewi, Lewi, oh no
Sayin' we gotta go, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Said Lewi Lewi, oh baby
Said we gotta go


Habitat Vic said...

Well, I suppose this opens up the possibility of Karl Rove coming to the rescue and running the Trump campaign. Rove may be evil (what, we couldn't get the ghost of Goebbels to run The Donald's campaign?), but he's too cunning to get on board the tRump train wreck.

The larger potential catastrophe would be Rove running the campaign for a Trump - Gingrich ticket. That would be so large a gathering of assholes that it could create a singularity and cause the Universe to collapse upon itself.

Paul Wartenberg said...

there are some things even Soos can't fix.

Rove is as much a scam artist as Trump. He's already burned up his reputation after 2012, and yet he's still out there running a SuperPAC to scrounge up more billionaire dollars for his "consulting" fees while giving his buyers a 1 percent ROI(!).

He's not worth it.

dinthebeast said...

Couldn't they just dig up McCarthy and hand the operation over to him? Even dead, he couldn't do too much worse of a job than Trump has been doing (not that I'm complaining about that...)

-Doug in Oakland