Saturday, May 07, 2016

Who's a Good Boy?

Of course Joe Scarborough is not entirely housebroken yet and still needs to have his nose rubbed in his poo poo when the does his business where he shouldnt'a oughtn'a:
Donald Trump suddenly turns on Joe Scarborough: “Not much power or insight!”

After the "Morning Joe" host announced he wouldn't vote for Trump, his favorite guest took to Twitter to lash out
But he'll learn,  Just like Christie learned.

And either way, it keeps Joe Scarborough's numbers up, keeps his "brand" in the news, and let's both of these fragile, puffed-up egomaniacs play tough guy on Twitter, so win/win!


Lit3Bolt said...

You still think you can control them?

GOP as Mad Nazi Scientist: Abzolutely! Ve just need to kontrol ze racism und religun ratioz, and eluvate ze bizness acumen bit while dropping ze xenophobia. But soon, soon ve vill have just the candidate ve need to loot ze Social Security accounts und go to ze next Iraq Var. Mein Furher! I can valk!

bluicebank said...

I was under the understanding that switching from dog whistles to megaphones wouldn't have been such a shock to the GOP bigwigs.

And yet, as both the NYT and WaPo report today, widespread shock about the gambling going on at the Southern White Grill.

So either they're stupid or lying, or both.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Got a bit of an old analogy you can use...

Be seeing you.

Robt said...

The never Trump crowd, the trump anti con media.

It feeds the angry voter.

A simple game of being against someone or something.

The angry Trump fans wake up to hate those not with them. The angry anti trump wake up to hate someone or something.

So when hate collides, they hold out a target and lead them to hate that someone or something united.

"I love the uneducated"

Morn Joe is on the perceived liberal network. Trump is in one of his reality TV episodes where he must show he is a true conservative to the masses.
So they stage a break up with Hoe. Stay tuned for next weeks episode.

I think the fun one to watch is going to be the Serial killer Lying Ted converting into what he campaign against.
Because you know, the common enemy. No, not ISIS no not Putin, Not Al Qaida, Not North Korea.
Can't we all agree to hate Hillary
We can blame her for Monika, the 9/11 attack, the 2007 financial collapse, Denny hastert's Quote "indiscretions".
Because the media calls Denny's child molesting, indiscretions in the past a long time ago. But Bill and Monika are recent national security breaches.

Don't you just love the uneducated?