Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fighting In The War Room

In addition to its flamboyant racism, fascism and misogyny, the go-go juice on which the Trump campaign runs contains two, basic critiques of the American political system:
  1. The system is rigged by the corrupt elite to make sure the will of Ordinary Murricans Like You is always thwarted in favor of the whims of political insiders.
  2. The political insiders who conspire to bilk Ordinary Murricans Like You out of your democracy are also are the worst, stupidest deal-makers in the known universe and are constantly handing over our collective futures to sinister furriners for pennies on the dollar. 
And if John Kasich and Ted Cruz had gone off on a planning retreat together with the goal of rolling out strategy deliberate designed to underscore the ugly truth of Donald Trump's critique -- at the worst possible time in the most public manner possible -- they could not have possibly have done a more effective job than they have done this week, by accident, in glare of a hundred teevee cameras.
The Cruz-Kasich Pact Is Pretty Much Worthless
Which is, of course, why the WaPo's most reliable pet neocon and Conservative establishment spokes-model, Jennifer Rubin, thinks this Axis of Weasels is fucking awesome!
Conservatives applaud Cruz-Kasich pact

The reviews are in for the pact between Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich to divvy up three of the GOP presidential primary states. Donald Trump has had a meltdown, now, among other things, insulting Kasich about his eating habits. The rest of the GOP seems pretty much delighted.

“Naturally the Trump campaign is bellowing its disapproval of the Cruz-Kasich deal,” writes Michael Barone. “But there’s nothing unfair about enabling the anti-Trump majority, if it exists, from stopping the nomination of a candidate it believes would be disastrous for the party and dangerous for the nation.”

A contingent of conservative opponents of Trump, aptly named Conservatives Against Trump, agrees. This group previously raised the potential for a third, independent conservative candidate. “There have been about 40 involved in the discussions. These are veteran grassroots leaders with decades, sometimes as much as 40 years, getting things done at the grassroots level,” says Quin Hillyer, a veteran conservative columnist who was present at the initial meeting of the group that includes journalist Erick Erickson and Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.). The group put out a memo praising the pact...
A memo!



trgahan said...

And yet nary an acknowledgement that the Republican primary field was FILLLED with variously media anointed "conservative saviors," "young guns," and "new faces of the GOP" only a few months ago that actual GOP voters resoundingly rejected one by one.

Can Conservatives Against Trump be anything but a small group of non-safe seated GOP representatives, Beltway operatives with thin rolodexes, media people, and think tank douches that don't want to have to defend what their party during cocktail parties and conferences?

banker puppy said...

Conservatives Against Trump, aka CATs. About 40 of them in this herd, you say?

Well, that'll be amusing to watch, maybe for about 5 minutes. No need to go to Garrett's for a big bag of Chicago Mix for this, I'll just grab a handful of Dots.

RUKidding said...

Watching these azzhats lose their shit to someone sleazy like Trump has brought me a certain amount of satisfaction. That said, contemplating Trump in the White House is not my cuppa.

The past several general elections has seen the GOP trotting out a veritable KKKlown KKKar of low-lifes, idiots, dumbfecks, know-nothings, God-bothers, and just garden variety nutbar freaks. Many of these losers actually manage to make W Bush look, uh, well not quite Presidential but somewhat sane.

And now we have much hated LooneyTunes "godly" Cruzer making pacts with horrible misogynistic, but seemingly normal, Kasich to dump the Trump. Whadda they do? Go out back into the KKKlub house, spit on their respective palms and shake on it? It's like watching some sort of family channel afternoon kiddie show.

The bitter irony is that the GOP never really took Trump seriously enough until it was far too late, especially given the adoringly adulating media free ride Trump was given from Day One. What was up with that? Hubris? Stupidity? Lack of insight? All of the above?

There's enough Christiany types out there that the much despised and loathed Dominionist Cruz may yet just barely be able to pull this thing off, but boyohboy, whadda racket.

One would like to believe that the GOPer/TeaPers will wake up & figure out how massively they are being defrauded by their "party," but given the combined intellect of this crowd - does that make me SMUG enough for Rensin???? - it's unlikely that they'll get it and/or remember... especially when all of their Media outlets, the rightwing think tanks, their "churches," the moaning both siderist pundits, and various politicians immediately commence to bitching, whining, complaining 24/7/365 about the horrors of Hillary (whom, sad to say, I think will win the D nom and hence the general. Yes, better than Trump or Cruz, but whadda choice). Then the GOP/TeaPers can continue their tantrum-throwing, whining, vetching self-absorbed victimhood about us SMUG dirty LIEbruls.

IOW: the same old same old beat down will go on and on and on...

Will they ever learn?
Shorter A: No. Never.