Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

In case you missed it, here is everything that happened at the Sunday Gasbag Cavalcade.

Just a minute, boys.
I've got the feed box noise
It says the great-grandfather was Equipoise...

There's a reason they call it a Fugue for Tinhorns


bowtiejack said...

As it happens, I just finished watching the film The Big Short.
Which seems to me to embody the terrible dilemma with which driftglass (and perhaps myself and others) are faced.
We are taught from our earliest years moral values about honesty, working hard and doing right
The guys in The Big Short were right.
Driftglass is right.
Yet the system rolls on.
We watch the cheats (Dubya, Scalia, Wall Street and so many others) collect not just the goodies, but just a living wage.
We have a world in which 70 families own as much as the bottom 3.5 million (in a world population of 7 billion).
We live in a country with more guns than whatever.
How do you think this might end?

Redhand said...

@Bowtiejack As it happens, I just finished watching the film The Big Short.

Me too. The most depressing part was the complete absence of reform noted at the end.

It's "nice" that Goldman Sachs is just now paying a "Record $550 Million to Settle SEC Charges Related to Subprime Mortgage CDO" based on the fact that it failed to disclose "the role of Paulson & Co. Inc. in the portfolio selection process and that Paulson's economic interests were adverse to CDO investors."

However, this is (obviously) the same Hank Paulson who as Treasury Secretary provided insider information to his pals at Goldman et al to profit off of the crash of Freddie and Fanny, and who at the outset persuaded "W." that a bailout was the only solution.

Paulson will never face charges for anything, and Goldman should have been broken up post 2008. Half a billion is chump change to these gonifs. They'll make it up on the next round of CDOs.

Robt said...

No, haven't seen the Big Short (yet).

But I heard all about it. Read aplenty. Screamed from the the Peak of Bullshit Mountain. Got involved in movement groups where I could and ones I felt legit and had a reasonable target of recourse.

-How can we convince Ammo Bundy to take hold of the Goldman building?

The GOP,
Duck Dynasty voters do not read David Brooks.
The Confederate Flag waivers do not even realize a Goldman exists.
Goldman is not out in the Duck brush, so TED doesn't have to explain to those voters of his loan from G.S. for his Senate bid and how he his debt will be paid back by Duck points.

Trump's attraction of "how all the other political office holders came to him for campaign dollars. Penetrated the GOP's hearing aid. The part when Trump speaks softer and in Arabic is when he has to answer what he got for that cash.
With my super hero dog ears that hear what they imply is,
Vote for me, I can save money from buying politicians. Paying to get them elected so they can override what you voted them in to do. Give me what I paid for.
Perhaps the attacks on political correctness (again), You know. The right to call folks a "Nigger" in front of the world to make clear to those the dog whistle does not work anymore. To hack the mass of conditioned and programmed droids who are activated by "trigger words" as Benghazi, coming for guns, socialism. Not the socialism provided to the Banks or corporations mind you.

When does the media ever ask,
* In a free market; Why does corporations require Government to negotiate trade deals?

*Explain the real tangible competition battle fields between the Wall Street banks?
* Exactly what prevents Government from bailing out Wall Street again? Please, not your ideological promise?
* And for Scalia giggles, why aren't guns allowed openly in the SCOTUS? Why does SCOTUS deserve the privilege people barrier that it does not provide equality to Planned Parenthood?

*Why aren't religious human (or animal) sacrifices legal?

The nonsense is so distractive. But you see, the nonsense is designed and has a greater purpose. How the conservative SCOTUS allowed for same sex marriages? As the election year approaches. Rile the masses and blame the liberals.
Because ownership of the media has been accomplished. As Italy's Berlusconi used his sole media empire of Italy to place himself in office.

Liberal conspiracies compared with the conservative False Flag operations Obama employs Sandy Hook Massacre to excuse confiscating YOUR GUNS!

It is promising to see that the BIG SHORT is getting seen. As the 13 Hours (Benghazi hit piece flounders. There is hope........

And let me give a shout out to MLK.
In his endeavors and accomplishments has enhanced my life for the better.

Neo Tuxedo said...

My kindly gray-haired mother and I watched The Big Short at Valley Mall on Saturday afternoon after lunch at their brand new Primanti Bros. (I had a Pitts-burger, she had Smallman Street Fries). For me, the complete absence of reform was at worst the second most depressing thing. The most depressing thing was the last piece of text before the credits, the revelation that CDOs are being relabeled "bespoke tranche opportunities". If mortgage bonds are dog shit and CDOs are dog shit wrapped in cat shit, then bespoke tranche opportunities are dog shit wrapped in cat shit wrapped in... bullshit? horseshit? Whatever it is, most people don't remake a disaster movie while the first one is still in theaters, and decent people certainly don't recreate the actual fucking disaster while the world is still feeling its effects. ("Der SchoƟ ist fruchtbar noch, aus dem das kroch." -- Bertolt Brecht, Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui, officially translated as "The bitch that bore him is in heat again.")

Kathleen O'Neill said...


I agree. Here is a link to a sermon condemning the Vietnam War he delivered in 1967 A few commentators I've read noted that when he started tying war and economic oppression of all races all over the world he made many people uncomfortable and have gone so far to say that the sermon sealed his fate.