Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sunday Morning Comin' Down -- Both Siderism UPDATE


It took Meet the Press four days to get the transcript up. And Shuck Todd did indeed play his Mouse Circus off the stage to the sound of happy-clappy Centrist calliope music:
CHUCK TODD:  And by the way, this is happening a lot of Western democracies. We're actually behind.

SARA FAGEN:  Yeah. That's right.


SARA FAGEN:   I mean I've said this before. The Democratic-- base has moved far to the left.

CHUCK TODD:  Just the same way the Republican base has moved to the right.

SARA FAGEN:  Farther.
It never ends.

/Update Ends/

As Brother Charlie Pierce points out regularly, Meet the Press is the Overlook Hotel of the Sunday shows.

And what would Shuck Todd's Overlook Hotel be without a pair of creepy, Both Siderist twins trying to lure you to your doom  (David Brooks on the left, Ron Fournier on the right)?

This weekend, Shuck Todd conducted an interview with Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders that appears to have been beamed in from The Better Universe.  By swatting them on the nose with a rolled-up copy of the Utne Reader every time they try to ask him stupid questions about pants suits and Benghaaazi, Senator Sanders seems to have temporarily trained the Beltway press to check their bullshit at the door when they come to talk to him.

And sadly that is the very thing which made it such a singular moment -- the way it stood completely apart from the rest of the lifeless mudslide of Beltway conventional nonsense that made of the balance of the show.  Other than Maria Hinojosa (NPR) making ineffectual rebuttals to arguments no one happened to be making (she appears to have been handed a card that said 'Talk about immigration!' before she was shoved on-stage), the rest of the show was pure, fragrant, GOP twaddle.

First up was failed Republican governor Chris Christie whose entire schtick is now, "John Boehner Is The King of Suxx0r and I'll lead!"

Thank you for your time, governor Chris Christie.

Next up, John-Boehner-apologist Tom Cole (Republican) and Heritage Foundation ghoul Jim DeMint (Republican) were invited onto NBC's flagship public interest program to play fake-history ping-pong.  And with blazing, crazyspin serves like --
The GOP isn't a bag of rabid weasels.  We're united behind things that were mainstream 10 years ago  like a balanced budget!

At Heritage, we're not Republican or Democrat.

The GOP has not stood up to the the Kenyan Usurper even once during the entire time he has been in office.   From his control of the internet... (at this point I lost consciousness)
-- I have to give DeMint the win on points.  Nobody Gish Gallops toxic wingnut bullshit for money better than DeMint, and had any Liberal been on-set they might have loudly and rudely asked why the fuck Shuck Todd gives arrant liars like DeMint camera time in the first place.

But no ride Liberals were available, so instead we quickly cut over to !The!Panel! which featured...
...the aforementioned Maria Hinojosa
...professional Beltway Conventional wisdom purveyor David Brooks
...professional back-up David Brooks, Ron Fournier
...and former Bush White House political aide and Karl Rove's U.S. Attorney Scandal Operative (who was very definitely not identified as a Bush White House political aid and Karl Rove's U.S. Attorney Scandal Operative) Sara Taylor, who has been assiduously practicing her "OMFG!  Can you even believe these fucking Libtards!" Megyn Kelly bitchface in the mirror.

The funniest moment came right away when, the screams from the basement of the GOP asylum having gotten so loud that they jangled his nerves, Mr. Brooks almost forgot to wedge the Both Siderist qualifier "in this country" into his whiny complaint that his Republican Party is full of -- horrors! -- Republicans:
“It’s like a mutiny, not a campaign,” Brooks said on Sunday’s Meet the Press.”The problem is, there’s an illusion in this country, and in the Republican base, that you can govern by screaming.” 
As of this writing, MTP has not posted the transcript of this mess online, but I remember through my haze that Shuck Todd did bring this high school cafeteria drama in for a landing on the very same spot where it always lands -- right down the middle.  Which I will add in as soon as the words of our corporate media champions are handed down from Ass Guard.*

In the meantime remember that Both Siderists did not succeed in making Both Siderism the factory default setting of the mainstream media by being nuanced or literary.  They did it by dint of sheer, remorseless repetition, in every venue available.

They know that to catapult the propaganda you need to Always Be Closing... (Not Safe For Work):


bowtiejack said...

I checked out Sarah Taylor's Wikipedia entry which is largely a brochure for the high level wonderfulness of the consulting bumfuzz they are ready to deliver:

"Our company’s development is also evidenced by several partnerships—including merging with OnPoint Advocacy in 2008, and acquiring BlueFront Strategies (a political consulting firm founded by Sara Fagen) in 2011. "

"Over the years, numerous awards have recognized our company’s rapid growth and expansion. . ."

"...take microtargeting to the next level by providing the next generation of web-enabled media targeting."
". . .cutting edge issue advocacy and solutions."

And yet nothing of her experience in political wetwork or her talents as a hatchet woman and legal termite. It's a puzzlement.

John MacCuish said...

The Right already has enough Cadillacs, but since they have been throwing steak knives with abandon, they're kinda itchin' for second place. It sounds like it was a marvelous show! A little Bernie Sanders, then unrelenting Mayhem with madcap elephants. Anyone watching would have had to have been completely stupefied by the end. (Maybe some will sue for whiplash.)

Unknown said...

Should I feel bad that I read the list of people on the Overlook Hotel "panel" this week and the first thing that came to my head was "if ever there was a time for a domestic drone strike...."?

I guess I'd be fine with it as long as Maria Hinojosa was hustled out of there just in time to avoid injury.

Kathleen O'Neill said...

I am not familiar with the Overlook Hotel reference, but I think "Hotel California" may also be relevant hotel analogy here.

Chan Kobun said...

Never seen The Shining, Kathleen?

Robt said...

the bothsiderism of the Tea Potters and the John Birchers. The religious right and the Ayn Randites.
the ignorant Louie Geomert right and the bombastic Ted Cruz Strain.
The NEo Nazi sect vs the the NEo Confederate tribe vs the Klan VS the Huckabee theocrats.
Not that I would want to see it,
but is it too early to see the circulating photos of Ben Carson eating watermelon on the White House porch?

The question in bothsiderism.
Where does Brooks ever point out that Trump and Jeb! are the same.
That Carly , making unfounded accusations of Hillary to account for her frequent flier mileage is the same unfounded "threat" from Krispie Chistie that "if he could, he would PROSECUTE Hillary".

The Religious battle over state rights to discriminate (because you know, GOD) Yet to this day, every candidate has visited Sheldon Adleson at his Nevada casino. A state that has defied GOD on "Gambling". A state that has defied God on legalizing prostitution?

*I wait for the case where a Nevada prostitute refuses to serve a Christian.

Why does the religious right zealots remain quiet on the evil sinful gambling and legal prostitution in Nevada?
Where does Huckabee shout out that on day one, he will become a dictator and abolish this Nevada abomination?

I mean, in their view, is prostitution only between an man and a woman?

Kathleen O'Neill said...

@Chan Kobun
No, I haven't Chan. I'll have to look it up. Thanks for the reference.