Thursday, August 06, 2015

If a Screed Falls in the Forest...

Robert Frost said that Hell is a half-filled auditorium.

If that's true, then the GOP Kiddie Table Debate is Hell cubed because, yeah, the barn really was as barren as the GOP's policy cupboard.

After the last echoes of "Reagan!", "Planned Parenthood" and "Benghaaaazi" had faded into the twilight, Former Mitt Romney Economic Advisor, Wrecker-of-Companies and Demonized-of-Sheep -- Carly Fiorina -- appears to have emerged as the least embarrassing member of the Junior Chamber of Crazy.

Here is a short clip of the proceedings:

So if i were a betting man, I would wager that in a day or two, Baron Roger --


-- will sift through the Fox News HR files of all the "serious" candidates' and clear a space for iCarly by picking one or two of the main-event combatants who, at some point, demonstrated insufficient fealty to Ailes party line and send them to the cornfield.

Not only will it be good for ratings, but a random media execution is always great for company morale.  Keeps all of Ailes' employees -- those asking questions on stage and those answering questions -- on their toes and mindful of who the real boss is.


Anonymous said...

You're probably right but a hell of a story to elevate -- Hilary is a LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!!! Meanwhile, says Carly, all I did was crash a previously thriving company and dump the jobs of who knows how many middle class Americans. Too bad, so sad!

Jimbo said...

Well, it isn't going to be The Donald that gets sacrificed; after all his presence guaranteed soaring ratings for Ailes in what otherwise would have been a snoozefest. No, not him. If iCarly does get elevated it will be at the expense of Cooky Doc Carson. Remember, in the movies, the black guy always gets killed off first. And the fact that iCarly practically killed off HP is of no concern whatsoever to the Teahadist Base.