Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ten Years After

So, ten years ago I started this little boîte out where the buses don't run,  And ten years later I'm still here, living a life that bears little resemblance to the one I wore back them.  Still a single-shingle site, though -- one of the very last.  One of the very last of the pseudonymous bloggers.  Outlived or outlasted many of the wild bunch from the days of the First Water.  I'm still churning my own butter, making my own graphics, and writing to suit myself.  Still sans byline at The Nation or Vox or News Busters or the Shelbyville Courant.  Still no ads here, or sponsored content.

Still wondering what to write about tomorrow.

So far, this blog has lasted longer that my first marriage, and just about every job I ever had, because in the whole world, it is the one piece of real estate from which I cannot be evicted.  No one but me can turn the lights out here and call it quits, and while I think about it every day -- especially on the days when the cost/benefit of keeping my shingle out seems ludicrous -- I don't plan to do that for awhile yet.

Readership goes up and down depending on circumstances, but over time it has stabilized.  I know what my floor is, and my ceiling, so for the next week or so, I'll be bringing up some of my favorite vintages -- maybe 2-3 from each year per day -- and reposting, because I now have whatchacall a body of work.  Which is weird.  Never thought I'd have one of those.

Also, suggestions are welcome, but may also be cheerfully ignored.

Anyway, a few bottles laid down in days gone by, possibly interspersed with other stuff, or with intros and outros as I see fit.   But frankly, looking back over a decade of service, it is amazing how little has changed.  We are deep into grinding trench warfare, brothers and sisters, and it will be that way for a long, hard time to come.

And along the way I'll play my fiddle and pass the hat, and you can judge whether, over the course of time, I can still bring the heat, or have lost step, or if I shoulda retired five years ago.

So this week I'll let Slightly Younger driftglass carry the weight, and Slightly Older driftglass collect the purse.

First up, my very first post (well, OK, second post).  If you wish to see all of the Exciting! Spam! Action! in its original, zombie glory, here's the link.

Believe it or not, spam was one of my most vexing problem back in the day.

Remember how I fixed it?

Moar later.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Just a little test...

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog it's too dark to read. -- Groucho Marx



Victor said...

Did you mean to include the entire litany of spam?

driftglass said...

Yes, but after looking at it from the reader's side, it kinda sucks.

So I'll change it

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Congrats on surviving 10 solar orbits, Drifty!

Oh, and "Zombie Glory" WBAGNFARB.

For the benefit of those who have never visited Dave Barry's blog, the acronym means "Would Be A Great Name For A Rock Band".

KnaveRupe said...

Man. Someone needs to get you one of those klingon whatchamabobbits. Thanks for 10+ years of beautiful, brilliant, snark-tempered, industrial-grade lefty-rage.

P.S. - While you're dragging us into nostalgia mode, do you know if LowerManhattanite is still around and kicking out there somewhere? You and he were easily my favorite commenters at Steve's old joint. While I'm glad you've... (er... Prospered? hmm... ENDURED) in Left Blogsylvania much to the benefit of your readership, I do miss his writing since the GNB kinda went tits-up.

Duncan Watson said...

Atrios is still doing the solo thing as well. I use a rss feed from your site, I am not sure if your statistics count it properly but it is so convenient.

Glad to see you are still posting

D. said...

KnaveRupe: LowerManhattanite last checked in back in 2012, so.

I miss him, too.

darkblack said...

Here's to one of the last of the pseudonymous bloggers - 'May the road rise with you'.