Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mr. "Axis of Evil" Is Still Full Of Martial Advice

Which he is still proffering from one of the many media platforms onto which he is still inexplicably invited.

The question before the nation is, “What is the benefit of this war to America and to Americans?”

That was the question the speech left unanswered. And the ominous suspicion left behind is that the question was unanswered because it is unanswerable—at least, not answerable in any terms likely to be acceptable to the people watching the speech and paying the taxes to finance the fight ahead.
I think it's adorable that one of America's most useless Iraq War cheerleaders is suddenly so overcome with concern over how much all of this war stuff is gonna cost the Murrican taxpayer that he just has to share his worries with the world.  


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I suppose if I were David Fucking Frum I too would claim to be a voice of "experience" and then fail to elaborate on the matter.

--Nonny Mouse

Anonymous said...

Isn't the invitation based on what significant contribution you gave to the ideology at the time of great need . Bailing out the image at a critical moment?
Like closing a deal that was falling apart?

Like a high priced lawyer prevaricating his clients case to a when?

Or, is it more like we groomed you for the Supreme Court nomination. Once your in, you are required to do our bidding when we call?
Perhaps simply just a great marketing schemer that is able to show significant results from developed marketing which can show measurable results with a percentage of the targeted consumer it is intended?