Friday, September 12, 2014

In Which "The Nation" Quietly Joins My Cause

Being a stalwart publication with a respectable reputation, they approach it gently
If you want to put your finger on the problem confronting Chuck Todd, who made his much-ballyhooed debut as moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, you don’t have to look much farther than the two “fun new features” introduced on the first show.
Todd said the recurring segment called “Who Needs Washington?” will explore politics beyond the Beltway, which this week meant interviews with mayors of cities that are “going it on their own with little of Washington’s help or dysfunction.” The second new feature is “What everyone in Washington knows but is afraid to say.” This week the thought that dare not speak its insight was “what Hillary Clinton’s really up to.”
But maybe what everyone on Meet the Press is really afraid to say is that Todd’s mission is at best inherently self-contradictory:
But they get there:
... The shows were dominated by companies like GE, Northrup Grumman and Archer Daniels Midland, who helped determine what policies and scandal werenot talked about on Sunday shows. Yesterday on MTP, Koch Industries ran its big national ad that says, in so many words, they’re so powerful you’re better off working for them than boycotting them.

The idea is that these corporations are above right/left politics, a delusion the news media helps perpetuate by repeating the false equivalency canard that both political sides are equally guilty of any wrong. This Sunday, Todd kept suggesting that it won’t make any difference if the midterm elections result in a Republican or a Democratic senate majority, because gridlock will rule the day...
Congratulations, "The Nation" magazine, and welcome to a life of permanent exile from polite society :-)


JerryB said...

That even the Nation felt like they had to tiptoe up to say everything. The complete capture of our media by corporate right will be our undoing.

Kathleen said...

I disagree with the Nation. Todd has openly admitted his job is not to investigate or challenge GOP lies. He is therefore willingly and knowingly spewing toxic lies into the ethers. "Mr. Alighieri. Paging Mr Dante Alighieri. Please report to the shop floor to create a special ring in hell for Chuck Todd and the rest of the mainslime media minions".