Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Hilarious Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.

In five  words, Mr. Sullivan's post today translates into this: Liberals were right all along

If you want it in six words, it comes out like this: Liberals were right all along, again.

Of course, Mr. Sullivan is neither psychologically nor professionally capable of admitting this out loud, in print, but that is the whole of it.

All the rest is amphigory.

*Thanks to tmk for catching my fuzzy math :-)


tmk said...

*counts words*

*counts words again*

*checks fingers*

...um, either I've got a defective thumb, or those two statements have an extra word in them somewhere... ~:P

Anonymous said...

"But maybe I’m being too glum. There are always unforeseen events to alter the future. Reagan’s 1980 victory was not seen until a few weeks before the November election. It’s certainly possible, although unlikely, that a Republican could win the presidency in 2016. But what I’d look for in the meantime..."

Yes, in sum, our intrepid reformer of the reformers is ruing teh GOP crazy to the extent that it keeps a (any) GOP president from being elected. How refreshing.
Your last sentence is spot on, at least the reform hacks know what kind of bad faith they're soaking in. Sully's lost.

Anonymous said...

Also, too, there is the obligatory ``both-sides'' bullshit:

``And then the reformicons are operating at a disadvantage in a culturally polarized America. It would be great if this were not the case – but since a huge amount of BOTH PARTIES’ base mobilization requires intensifying the cultural conflict, and since the divide is rooted in real responses to changing mores, it will likely endure. And that kind of climate makes pragmatic conservatism again less likely to get a hearing.''

No, Andrew, it isn't both sides. It is one side -- the progressive liberal side -- acknowledging and embracing broad advances in civil rights, and the other side reacting hysterically and violently to that change in American cultural values. There is no incentive for liberals to deepen the divides they are trying to bridge. There is every incentive for the right-wing to rouse the rabble they depend on for political power.

Really, he's pathetic.

steeve said...

Sullivan being a dumbass is normal.

An online dictionary that thinks it can make money is hilarious.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Let us, for a moment, take a look at the gibbering insanity of the Left base so that we might better weigh it in the scales against the Right:

Neonictinoid pesticides are slaughtering the bees and other invertebrate pollinators.

This idea is not crazy, although sober and informed opinion (SAIO) holds that other potential candidates are more likely.

GMOs are going to drone murder us in our beds.

SAIO rolls its eyes at this one, although there are serious issues in American agricultural practice that need to be addressed over the long run.

The NSA, designed to be worser than the STASI even in its intrusions into the lives of innocent Americans, has cracked the computers of all 320 million citizens and watches us masturbate on a regular basis.

There you have me, and intellectual integrity requires me to welcome President Gohmert as our rights-respecting overlord.

Anonymous said...

Sully needs to add an addendum to his nameplate: The Dish: Putz Are Us

Anonymous said...

"Reformicons", eh? I'd make a Transformers joke, but suspect the Daily Show's already done it.

---Kevin Holsinger