Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Andrew Sullivan's Newest Best Friend -- UPDATE

From the Breitbart Big Grift Collective:


At Breitbart News we stand for more voices, not less. That's why we're standing up today against the censorship of Mozilla against CEO Brendan Eich. Eich's resignation, forced by the pressure of a small online lynch mob led by OkCupid, is totalitarianism in action. So today, we will show you what true totalitarianism would look like if the folks at Mozilla and other web browsers decided to carry their anti-free speech principles to their logical conclusion by censoring what you can and can not read.

Here's their stunt:

███ ███ visiting █████████ News and █████████ ████ ███ our website █████ so odd?

██████ ███ answer: ██████ █████████ News has decided ██ ██████ █ ██████ presentation. ████ ██████ presentation ██ ████████ ██ ████ Americans ████ ████ ██ would mean for █████ ████ ███████ ██ the internet ████████ ██ all use to censor our content ███ ███ they now ██████ █████ ███ work for them.
███ website ███ the next ███████ █████ ████ ██████ just what █████ ████ if a browser ████ Firefox ███████ ██ █████ █████ ████ ████ Using JavaScript we've ███████ out random words throughout the website ███████ that any browser, ████ Firefox, █████ show you something █████ than ████ the original publisher █████████ Technically, web ████████ can ███████ ████ █████ see, ███ sites using Javascript can overwrite anything ██████ from ███ original ████████ Browsers ███████ utilize Javascript ██ ██████ an ███████████ internet; sites ████ ████████ Facebook, ███ Gmail could ██ crippled ███████ ███
The point ██ █████ ███████ is ███ a ███████ ████ ████████ ███████ decided ████ ████ ██ force ███ ███████████ of CEO ███████ Eich after dating ███████ OkCupid ███████ ███ traffic from ███████ Firefox...
So the same people who will swear to you that the unemployed are out of work because they are lazy and that poor people are moochers now also suddenly believe that losing your job in our free and unregulated labor market because your boss doesn't like you = Totalitarianism because it A) happened to A Rich Person and, B) involved Teh Gays.

Perhaps what they really need to do is to take a nice long, running start and ████ themselves in ███ with a very sharp ████████.


Meanwhile, there continues to be little downside to being the right brand of hypocrite:
Heads Up
APR 9 2014 @ 6:15PM
I’m on Colbert tonight to talk about the Eich flap. Check it out at 11.30/10.30c.


Anonymous said...

There are two things about this whole Firefox fiasco that I love.

1. It proves that liberals will boycott, freak out, apply pressure as long as it's a social issue, but never for economic issues. That's good, we are the party of elite business institutions and the elite. It shows we are fighting the right fights instead of fighting the wrong ones, and that our solidarity is entirely about social issues and social issues are the one area we will die for.

2. The CEO of okcupid has a long history of donating to anti marriage equality Republicans and others who support retrograde social issues. That's funny, but the best part is we left him alone. That shows we can smell blood and ruin lives and jobs, but are willing to turn away when it's to our advantage.

I'm pleased, let's keep the focus on social issues and working with big business to drive bigotry and Christianity (but I repeat myself again) out of both public and private life.

When admitting you worship the sky god in public gets as nasty a reaction as saying you're part of the KKK some progress will have been made.

DWD said...

Andrew Breitbart once argued with a straight face that his deliberate misrepresention of Shirley Sherrod was protected speech. So it's probably not surprising that his dimmer-witted heirs really don't understand what "free speech" means.

Pinkamena said...

Just stop, Geese. Your stupid joke is old. Stop it, now.

Anonymous said...

Well put!

Neo Tuxedo said...

He can't stop, Pinkie, and he don't stop. And he won't stop until he is put in a box with Lumpy Lang and shaken.