Monday, March 17, 2014

A Reminder To All Of Your

"I ain't never supported George Bush cuz he warnt no real Conservative!" friends and relatives, here is Dubya getting cheered at the 2008 Conservative Political Action Conference:

And, lest we forget, unindicted war criminal Dick "Deficits Don't Matter" Cheney was also warmly welcomed by the wingnut faithful at the same conference as he prepared to leave office:
And two years later, here he is again --
-- still wowing the same orcs who, having spend a wild weekend rubbing shit in their hair with their fellow tribesmen, would go right back to swearing to families and colleagues they slept through the entire Bush Administration and had never even heard of Dick Cheney.


steeve said...

And the mainstream media, which in 2007 was saying "okay, everyone knows Bush was a screwup even though we never actually reported that as news", still worshipped him during a series of exit interviews in 2008.

Cirze said...

And he's baaaaack.

Cat pics and all.

And they're going for big bucks due to his popularity!

PR wins again.

Not to mention that Cheney and his spawns rule supreme with the hidden powers that be.