Tuesday, October 08, 2013

To Prove He Is Not In The Pocket of "Big Fact"

Every day my man Chuck Todd gets up, does his celebratory "Wakey! Wakey!" happy-dance (Not Safe For Work)

and then puts some awful, lying Conservative disgrace to humanity on my Liberal teevee.

This morning it was Bill Kristol, who by any measure of cosmic justice, should be spending the rest of his miserable life in a florescent jumpsuit, beautifying America picking up broken bottles and used condoms along our nation's highways and byways.

Now given the Washington Beltway incentive structure, I have zero confidence that Chuck will ever stop being a craven, "Both Siderist" weasel of his own volition. After all, people who shout "Both Sides Don't" tend to end up cordoned off in obscure blogs while those shout "Both Sides Do... and Hippies are Probably Slightly Worse" end up in large mansions taking months off at a time for "book leave".

However there is a slim chance that bringing market forces to bear on the problem in the form of a petition informing Chuck's boss that he is really, really of pissing off her customers might make a difference.

Right now, that petition stands at +170,000 signatures.

How about we help get it to 200K?


Anonymous said...

When my lovely home of Washington DC is taken over by Tea Partiers at the various subway stations, public areas, and other such places then people will stop saying both sides. As things stand, the offending parties with Obama as Hitler signs, causing problems, and generally making everyone with our police would show some of us that famed police brutality are... hippies.

And this is why, if you live in any major culture center of wealth and power that controls this nation, the hippies are always worse. When I go to lunch today and go home, there is pretty much a zero chance I will have to deal with a Palin fan, yet it's almost certain I will deal with a hippie. Not only will I go away cursing "the left", but I will also wonder why the fuck I vote Democratic and think poorly enough of myself to be remotely associated with that sort of idiot.

Until you grasp that, you can't grasp why for those of us in DC and NY, yes the left is worse. Because we have to deal with it. Sure we know the right is worth in say... Kansas. But that's fly over country, those people don't count, they aren't real people. And since they are too stupid to live in a major city, why the fuck should we care about them.

tmk said...

To Geese:

Fuck You and the horse you rode in on. I hope you get run over by a VW Microbus.



One of 'those people' in Kansas

marindenver said...

We get it Geese. You don't like hippies. Or, apparently, people from Kansas. Do we give a fuck? I don't, for one.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

@tmk probably hangs out at dailykos.com - the gang of arch hysterical ninnies who assure one another that Obummer drones children to death for sport after stealing the food from the mouths of widows and orphans. For desert he spies on your dog and has paid NSA disruptor trolls steal your lawn furniture.

Dirty F'n Ineffectual Pseudo Radical Hippies, the lot of them.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

PS I was born in 67501 but got out of that hellhole while the getting was good. Tell the space camp and the salt mine I said Hi!

tmk said...


...aaaaaand *BZZZZT!* you'd be wrong.

And I could WISH I lived in Hutch - at least there, I'd be within reach of some semblance of civilization.

Anonymous said...

To "Gesse...whatever"
Having been subjected to your various insights...and your complete life story over these months...enduring your different pseudonyms and your two dimensional life view repeatedly. I would like to echo the commenter above, who summed it up quite well when they said something to effect of "fuck you and everything about you...."
You make me long for compound w....
and the other moron...

Lit3bolt said...

David Brooks, Chuck Todd, and Mark Halperin would all be Olympic level finalists the 800 word Both-Sides-Do-It.

Because since there's two parties, both are equally responsible for all events, no matter what, amen.