Monday, October 14, 2013

Silly Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.


This was not the silly bit --

Yelling at police doing their job maintaining security at the White House, calling them “brownshirts,” “stasi” and saying that one unit ““looks like something out of Kenya”: can we dispense with any illusions that these are patriotic political actors, respecting those who serve our country in the military or police force? They are delusional, racist fanatics. 
-- Andrew Sullivan, October 14, 2013
This was just Mr. Sullivan continuing his long journey to become the "Real Conservative" Windows 95 to Liberals' Apple Macintosh: 10 years too late, bolted to an inherently awful operating system and in complete denial that it is a fatally buggy, inferior rip-off of the original, superior product:
When I listen to these newly-minted Conservative ex-pats as they hold the hymnals of their recently-renounced cults up to the light and remark in Very Loud Amazement and Horror at how the whole shitty wingnut Ponzi scheme is held together by nothing but the paranoia, rage, racism and imbecility of the Base, coupled with the absolutely sociopathic willingness to Lie All The Time About Everything by Movement leaders...

...I must admit that I am reminded precisely of the unpleasantly loud braying noises that brand new Windows 95 users used to make as they discovered the joys of using a thingie called a Mouse to "click" on Pictures of stuff to make other stuff happen.

And how incredibly fucking annoying that unpleasantly loud braying sounded to their Dirty Hippie Apple-using friends and neighbors who, 
A) Had already been using a vastly superior and vastly more elegantly integrated version of the same technology for years and years... 
B) Had already wasted endless, fruitless hours of their lives at show-and-tell-and-shout trying to convince their dull-witted DOS-addicted fellow citizens of the supremacy of the graphical user interface
No the "silly" bit was this part:
"You realize they are not conservative in any way at all."  
-- Andrew Sullivan, October 14, 2013


Pamela Merritt said...

Hee hee. I remember "Who needs color?" "Who needs a graphical interface?" "Who needs a trashcan?"

Well, apparently YOU do, because you are thrilled with it NOW.

Sweet gig Mr. Sullivan has... if the moderate insurgence thing catches on. I just read a study which claimed it's only 1/4 of Republicans. And I wonder at their sanity, because they've hung on this long.

Mister Roboto said...

"You realize they are not conservative in any way at all."

Well, Sully is right to the extent that they're certainly not interested in conserving anything useful or worthwhile.

Seriously, though, I've simply come to expect that modern American conservativism is and probably always will be a big bucket of cognitive dissonance. One classic example is ueber-conservative young men in the military who like Ted Nugent, when Ted Nugent dodged the draft during The Vietnam War by shitting his pants at the induction center.

paminak620 said...

A true dirty hippie would only use GNU/Linux and GPLv3 licensed software.

Geese Howard said...

Oddly enough... now apple users are ranting about their UNIX command line. Yet too stupid to realize that free BSD isn't really UNIX and OSX is a pile of dogshit for people that only blog and want to look cool in starbucks. I say this as a prior SOLARIS, AIX, and Free BSD sysadmin. But then again, apple users have always been users, not IT people.

In fact, I'd say apple users are like the Tea Party. Fanatical about the person leading it, lofty statements, and skin deep bullshit. Yet utterly ignorant of how shit actually works. Which explains why Rush Limbaugh is such a huge and vocal apple fanatic.

This post was sent from a liquid cooled tri-SLI computer I built myself, that runs Windows 7 and SUSE linux.

Though I do have a macbook... just to bug test and try out viruses that target apple (funny thing, security through obscurity doesn't work so much when you gain market share). I also own an iphone5, galaxy S4, BB10 device, and Nokia lumina (windows mobile). Sadly in my line of work I have to own and use it all.

Though the only company that makes desktops I'd consider using... well some of those dual and quad socket HP workstations are great, but other than that I'll build my own. For laptops, ASUS or MSI please for personal use, but HP elitebooks with the dreamcolor displays are the be all end all at the high end.

Also Driftglass, you worked in IT. You know that anybody who knows shit about shit has always used command line and still does. GUI is for users, and users are losers who should not be trusted.

That said, the sequester is affecting my contracts now, looks like that fiber upgrade will have to wait.

/me shakes fist at sky

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

now apple users are ranting about their UNIX command line.

LOL. The Apple users I know pretty much like being able to use it if necessary. But ranting about it, not so much. Is it hard to make an Apple user out of straw?

But they also don't get all sniffy about being a gatekeeper.

OBS said...

But then again, apple users have always been users, not IT people.

WTF? Are you 12?

I'm a developer/sysadmin/consultant/etc. and have been for 25 years, and I use a very nicely equipped MacPro. It's got the latest OSX, and this neat thing called VMWare Fusion that also lets me run Windows (any version), Solaris, Free/Net/OpenBSD, Linux(es), etc.. And I do. I have a Solaris instance open right now editing some PERL scripts with emacs, and I also am writing Java code in Netbeans on the mac itself, that will eventually go on a Solaris server and talk to some Oracle databases. That I also built.

But yeah, IT people don't use macs. Whatever.