Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Johnny Walker Wisdom Runnin' High

So it's been a full week since we were supposed to get het up over four assholes in a bar allegedly bitching loudly about politics.

First, have you ever been in a bar?  Because if you are a reporter and you have never observed humans interacting with other humans and alcohol, let me give you s short primer.   Park a stool near the back of any of a million bars in any of a hundred thousand American cities and towns any night of the week (especially after a long, shitty day at the office) and you will see the entire panoply of human emotion from grandiose affection for every living thing to bellicose rage against every living thing play itself out over again over again, every hour on the hour.

Or you could just listen to Leonard Cohen:
Second, hey, how about that follow up?


CMike said...

In their ongoing criticism of Glenn Greenwald the Knights of ObamaLand are on much firmer ground here than they have been heretofore. A special congratulations is owed to Driftglass, "May the blogger Sir D keep defending the realm unto 2017 and beyond."

Long live the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, no pun intended, the endlessly celebrated great accomplishment of our liege lord's first term.

And praise the Four Fundamental Forces, almost everyone will be getting ObamaCare this January instead of the RomneyCare we would have been stuck with in 2014 had McCain/Palin prevailed in 2008.

But let's not go through a long list, let's get back to searching for things to criticize Glenn Greenwald about during these critical hours for the Obama Legacy Project.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

wow. The Greenwaldians have a serious case of butthurt.

CMike said...

Zingin' teh gay-- U.S. Open weekend and pecking order progressive Z. R. McDonald is out shooting par.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

butthurt as an internoodles meme has nothing to do with gay sex, Cmike.

However, I AM amused at the "pecking order progressive" construction.

Amusingly, my iPod is playing "Too Many Daves" by Dr. Seuss. And one of the lines "When she calls out 'yoo-hoo' she doesn't get one; all twenty three of her Daves come on the run".

There MAY be a perceived similarity to this couplet and driftglass GG-critical posts.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I can only respond with sarcasm, which is not the best way to respond. But, really, are you running out of gripes? Is this what blogs are supposed to do? First inflating then deflating modes of communication that nobody of intelligence takes all that seriously? Twitter? Jesus, really?! (I have to keep in mind at opportune times that this is part of what I mean when I assert that Gutenberg provoked no revolution. People are dicks no matter what the means of production. Printing--and blogging--only exacerbate their dickitude.)

Fuck it. I'm back to sarcasm. But how else am I supposed to remind y'all that maybe we'll have to wait another week...or still another...or maybe we'll learn that the (not impossible) hypo was made up?

Lumpy Lang said...

Criminal Guantanamo;
Criminal drone murders;
Criminal extra-judicial killing of U.S citizens;
Criminal expansion of surveillance against citizens;
Criminal Syria intervention (next?).

What crime could be left that Droneglass and his supporters might NOT find some way to downplay, excuse, rationalize (...and denounce the Greenwald and the Dirty Hippies for condemning)?

n1ck said...

Nothing more hilarious than reading the rantings of the Glenn Greenwald worshipers.

Go, G-bots, go!

Anonymous said...

Four drunk guys in an airport bar shooting their mouths off.

Stop the presses!

Booze Allen said...

Prediction: Snowden was spying for China.

OTOH: I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

It's particularly funny to see Glenn G's salad-tossers trying their best to get at Driftglass. ("Droneglass?" Really? my, how clever...)

In this case, DG simply points out how eager Glenn is to pass along the most unfounded hearsay bullshit as fact, or at least as relevant, to the gazillion followers he has, and the loyal minions suggest he's stuck on Glenn bashing. Or something. The point which seems to elude the GG sycophants is that Glenn should know better GENERALLY, if he is to consider himself in possession of any professional credibility at all, and should know better ESPECIALLY after recently stepping on his dick as regards the story he broke.

"Frustratingly slow" indeed...

Anonymous said...

Seriously? This is how DG goes gently into that good night? Wow. It's not like there aren't other things to write about. But this? *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

Even though the internet and blog world are vast and filled with many different opinions and places to express them, I just wanted to drop in here..every day.. and post paragraph after paragraph attacking you for your opinions.
Oh sure.. I could go somewhere else where everybody is in total agreement on what a horrible President and government we have, and how both sides are equally evil and bent on my destruction...but why do that when I can stop by this blog and call you names and pretend you have "sold out" and are such and incredibly gullible "dupe"... even though you have expressed the same opinions for many years now?
I want to lament your non-existant "change" endlessly in comment after comment until one day I drop by and you have a post entitled "You...trolling commenter.. are right, I have been blind and have now come to see everything your way!"
I want to repeatedly accuse you of being blindly loyal to this President, completely ignoring the fact that I have become blindly loyal to someone who is just basically another blogger like yourself, and spend endless hours defending his every utterance right here! I could go and post one endless diatribe after another on that person's blog...but what fun would that be?
I am absolutely certain that someday...if I call you enough names, impugn your integrity with precisely the right snark and the others that agree with you, will come to see things our way!
So thanks for all you do!

Droneglass Obot!!!

Happy fathers day!