Thursday, January 03, 2013


Sometimes it takes a few tries.


Rehctaw said...

Tip one for our intrepid negotiators. Don't fold when you're holding the winning hand especially when you know your opponent has nothing.

Then there's negotiating Fifth Element style...

Fritz Strand said...

Sometime I think we must have both been dumped from the same cosmic jelly bean jar. I can't channel surf passed even marginal SyFy without stopping to watch.

Question in this sequence is, who is who? (Or is that even the question?)

Habitat Vic said...

Using Mal's tactics as an analogy, Obama & the Dems should have let Boehner get sucked into the engine (go over the fiscal cliff/curb). Sadly, Obama caved yet again.

The Republicans will be salivating at the prospect of seeing the Dems cave on upcoming showdowns - debt celing, sequestration, the next natural disaster/relief, whatever. Time to watch old Firefly or maybe Breaking Bad episodes on the intertubes.

Kevin Wood said...

Maybe that is the answer, Obama just has to run a few congressmen thru the metaphorical woodchipper and then ask if anyone else would like the same when brings in his health care tune up. And then he will stop the drone strikes and then throw the moneychangers out of the temple! Oh, no. wait -- Maybe he will continue to disappoint me by leaning to far to the centre and not having the USMC drag every broker and money man on Wall St. out from behind their desks and and summarily executing them and plus he is making my purity unicorn cry Soon the people will rise up! No, no, wait, Hanity sea he's a Kenyan usurper with a shady past and also a muslim except when he is at that radical black panther church in Chicago with his gay lover Saul Alinsky, and Hanity is never wrong! It sez so in his contract!

Yeah, well - all things considered - it would be nice to see him run a few Eric Cantors and Michelle Bachman's through the metaphorical woodchipper just the same

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Sadly, Obama caved yet again.

How many times does Lucy have to pull the football away before the Charlie Browns out there get the picture?

Obama isn't caving. He's successfully implementing corporatist policies.

Read it. That was posted on May 8, 2008.

The Wall Street plan for the Obama-bubble presidency is that of the cleanup crew for the housing bubble: sweep all the corruption and losses, would-be indictments, perp walks and prosecutions under the rug and get on with an unprecedented taxpayer bailout of Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

Do you set up these posts solely so the firebagger legions can have their endless "OBAMA IS BUSH TIMES HITLER" comments, or does it just happen to work out that way?