Monday, January 14, 2013


The GOP has had their day, and have used their access to government power to destroy everything they they touched -- including the idea of a free press, any concept of history or causality, fact-based everything --  to spread the crackpot ideology of their billionaire paymasters and to dig themselves into our politics and culture like tics. 

Any Republican of good will has had 40 years to either stop their party's well-documented descent into madness or head for exits.  That is more than enough time for anyone to fix or finish anything.  Instead we have had 40 years of exponentially increasing Conservative recklessness and thuggery,  40 years of hysterical paranoia being catered to and cultivated like hothouse orchids. And 40 years of exponentially increasing media complicity and capitulation.

The GOP cannot be saved, and our nation can no longer endure permanently half-Fox and half-free.

The Republican Party must go.


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Marie Burns said...

And let me say this about that. I am fed up with pundits left (Rachel Maddow) & right (the usual suspects), wringing their hands & sayings we cannot survive as a nation without a two-party system.

First, that wouldn't happen, as Democrats would eventually split into right, left & center or something. But second,

Of course we can. There is no reason that one party can't govern & every reason to think one party would do a better job than what Congress -- now less popular than cockroaches -- is doing today. You'd have your Bernie Sanders (okay, an Independent); you'd have your Joe Manchin, you'd have your Obama & they'd all have to compromise & come up with some tiny move toward bending that arc toward justice, the same way Democrats & Republicans are supposed to do now.

Finally, the venerable & venerated Founders did not envision a party system. They thought political parties were god-awful. And they got that much right.


casimir said...

So the oncologist recommended chemotherapy to me, to kill all of the malignant cells. But I thought, no, the best solution lies midway between my healthy cells and the cancer cells.

casimir said...

So I was jolted awake when the rapists broke thru the front door, looking for my wife and daughter. My mind raced. I knew there had to be a solution, somewhere midway between my family's interests and those of the rapists.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Republican party should be outlawed. They are empirically worse than the Nazis. Extreme rhetoric you say? The Nazi wanted to kill a good portion of the planet's inhabitants because they deemed them inferior. The Republicans should be in the docket for the unique crime of planecide: global warming is going to kill us. Now that is a scientific and historical fact. Something is going to come along - say a pathogen that mutates in the soon to be tropic of Canada - and kill us all, and there will be - nay is - mass extinction in the process. And yet they continue to deny, lie, distort, and block any action. Nor are they concerned for the potential conflicts caused by the increasing scarcity of food or water; the next century or two is going to be grand as our species spirals the drain, isn't it? Demonstrably worse than the Nazis.

Yet we are trapped - there is NO way, repeat, NO way out of this as long as the Republicans remain strong on state levels. Taking on the two party system state by state? Good luck with all that.

Andrew Sharp said...

It isn't the two party system that is the problem so much as the Republican party like Driftglass said. The two party system would work fine if both sides would negotiate in good faith and really work toward the common good. Instead we have one side filibustering appointments at every level and holding the country hostage economically in an attempt to ruin Obama's presidency. We shouldn't allow people to forget that.

Bob Hopeless said...

Thanks, Casimir!