Monday, January 21, 2013

Brokaw on Deficits


DeistPaladin said...

Go back to your ranch and stop pretending to have any insights to offer on what Americans need to "share"!

steeve said...

It's a little cute watching these mollusks attempt to emit a thought. Hard to do when the most taxing thing asked of your brain is using the right fork at dinner.

Suzan said...

Deficits don't fucking matter.

Unless you're a Rethug and the Dims are in office.

Then you're frightened as hell that they are gonna give away all the money.

Before you can start more self-benefitting wars with it.

Or figure out how to extract a few more tax breaks.

And Broke-awe's been an inside player since the fraudulent Greatest Generation BS was foisted off on a going-broke population that needed representation for those in the present.

Keep up the good work, family!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Wasn't dim bulb Brokaw the model for the William Hurt character in "Broadcast News?"

Didn't dour, overpaid Tom-Tom begin his career in "journalism" as a teevee traffic reporter in sunny California?

What has he done since then to deserve this elder statesman status? A few decades reading (chewing) the nightly claptrap with a straight face makes a wise man of a square-jawed, on-camera dolt?

C'mon, Tommy. Name 'em: the full cabinet, in order of succession. ... (I didn't think so.)

knowdoubt said...

Is "stuff" like "junk"? I think he should "junk" should be kicked hard.

n1ck said...

The bigger they are, the harder they fall: or


These mother fuckers are literally asking for it: or

They only call it class warfare when we fight back.

All these old, senile, selfish fucks are going to get what they deserve. It's not so much that I want them to get it, as much as they're just fucking begging for it.

Just sayin' :)

marindenver said...

@Anonymous - I always assumed it was Dan Rather but it could have been any of them.

daver said...

I'm a bit behind on the blogtubez, so I don't know if you caught this gem from Charlie P. on the Mouse Circus:

"Sooner or later, on one of these Sundays, one of these shows is going to pass out of the plane of physical reality and disappear into a higher realm in a chorus of fairy farts."