Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stupid Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd

"Imagine if the same level of accountability [that is being visited on the Penn State football program] were demanded of, say, those who authorized war crimes under Bush and Cheney; or those bankers whose reckless, clueless reliance on mathematical formulae they didn't even understand led to untold miseries for the blameless and continuing enrichment for themselves? Who, one wonders, was actually fired by CNN for jumping the gun on the healthcare ruling? When will Michele Bachmann face actual consequences for shamelessly slandering someone as an Islamist traitor?"
-- Andrew "The decadent left...may well mount a Fifth Column" Sullivan, 
July 24, 2012

Golly, yes!

Now imagine if the same level of accountability were demanded of, say, cossetted Conservative pundits; Conservative pundits who have, say, ascended to the pinnacle of the American media elite by punching hippies, getting every fucking thing wrong and then lying about it.

This is, of course, a question that Mr. Sullivan has been asked a thousand times and consistently refuses to answer, but if you are inclined to try again his public email address is andrew@thedailybeast.com. *

* (The first few comments in th comment section were not submitted for this post, but for one I wrote on July 2nd, used as a template and accidentally overwrote.  My bad. -- driftglass)


Anonymous said...

Heard him talking to Lawrence O'Donnell last evening. He was a trick pony at 13 and still is one, only now, his audience is liberals.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

If anyone is a trick pony it's Sullivan, Nony.

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered if it would be possible to purposefully become a Conservative superstar by cranking out formulaic bilge. When I heard Krohn's speech, I was immediately struck by how formulaic it was, and though, "My Goddess, that kid stole my idea!".

I noticed he was very careful to explicitly say that some of his views were liberal, but he was *NOT* a Liberal. My first thought was that he was trying to see if he could play the Liberals as easy as the Conservatives, but now I think he is being somewhat sincere. He is also trying desperately to avoid saying he was wrong, and is trying to couch it in "I've grown up." (Though, that is still a slam, saying conservatism is childish.)


RobSPL said...

Isn't the obvious point Conservatism is for 13 year olds?

RobSPL said...

Isn't the obvious point Conservatism is for 13 year olds?

Bill said...

Isn't conservatism the same as it has always been?

Batocchio said...
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Batocchio said...

I'm with him on Cheney and company, but as soon as I read that, I immediately thought of all his McCarthyist bullshit in the run-up to the Iraq War and for a few years after... and lookee there, you took care of that in the very first link!

jim said...

"Reckless, clueless reliance on mathematical formulae they didn't even understand," my shiny metal ASS. They understood the situation well enough to bet heavy on it going FUBAR (& win), even as they did everything in their power to make a bad situation WORSE, knowing all the while that the little fish would have no choice but to bail them out.

The punchline? They're doing it all again, to a tee.

chrome agnomen said...

what? is sully trying to 'retroactively" say that he really 'pulled' all those hippie punches? next thing you know, he'll have been sitting next to me and the great mustache on yasgar's farm in '69, tryin' to join in a rock'n'roll band. fucking fraud!