Saturday, June 26, 2010

Send This Boy To Summer Camp

The Return of Fundraiser Batman

Yeah, it's been four months, so instead of formally kicking off this quarter's fundraiser a month late, let's just say that the second trimester has started.

I blame the solstice.

Like American democracy or arena football, this is all still one, big experiment. At five-plus years and almost 2,600 posts -- almost all "long form" (which we all know no one reads anymore :-) and frosted with hand-crafted Photoshoppery -- it is a fairly long-running experiment, but believe it or not, in my mind this remains very much a one-day-at-a-time kind of thing.

And it is now also very much at a plateau: as I have mentioned before, sometimes rock stars drop in, zipping between here and there. I welcome their patronage, but they get what's on the menu like everybody else. Sometimes tiny mobs of angry people show up. Eventually they go away.

Traffic goes up, traffic goes down and then, eventually, back towards the mean we go regressing, and life goes on.
One post a day
Every day.
More or less.

Comments will be off on this post and I'll be pinning it to the top of the site for a few days (new stuff will appear below it.) As always, you can email me at "driftglass00" AT "". I tend to bundle my correspondence and try to knock it out in bursts, not because I don't love each and every one of you, but because my continued mental health depends on it.

Let me also state again my deep gratitude at the responses I received during the last fundraiser, and the generous attention Ye Olde Tip Jar has gotten between then and now: your support, your kind words, and honest critiques keep me going more that I can say.

As I have also written before (hey, if you can't plagiarize yourself...) no one owes me a thing, and no one who is staring down the barrel of privation should even consider sending me a dime. But the formal Summer Fundraiser has begun , and whatever you can afford will be greatly appreciated. And as always, if there princes or potentates or media moguls out there who would like to mostly or entirely underwrite my humble needs and prodigious vices (I'm still looking at you, George Soros) without breaking stride, don't be shy.

Let the capitalism begin!

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