Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Worst Writer in American Journalism

Once again wipes his tender, billionaire ass with the New York Times and calls it a day's work.

This time -- as always -- more infantile mouthnoise about a Glorious Third Party which will rule benevolently over the Imaginary Country that the Mustache of Understanding persists in thinking he lives in.

After they abolish Congress.

And the Supreme Court.
But that, alas, is not what we’re getting, which is why there remains an opening for an independent Third Party candidate in the 2012 campaign.

Sure the GOP is undoubtedly naughty, Barack Obama is equally naughty because he has failed in his primary Constitutional duty which Tom Friedman apparently believes is using Tom friedman's Grand Bargain to Exposed Once and For All the cleverly hidden naughtiness of the GOP
I’ve argued that the only way for Obama to expose just how radical the G.O.P. has become would be for the president to put out in detail his version of a credible “Grand Bargain” and then go sell it to the country.


Expose the villains!

Just like on Scooby Doo!

Which leaves only this question: "Expose" to whom, you fucking shmegegge?

At the ass-end of 30 years of escalating Republican psychosis, who is there left to convince? Who remains unaware of what the GOP is up to? Who is there in the whole wide world of sports who has not noticed that the Right is hell-fucking-bent on smashing this country to bits, selling the scrap the China and selling its people into indentured servitude?

Offhand, I can think of only five distinct groups who possess that kind of fortified, adamantine cluelessness -- the dead, the long-term comatose, the criminally insane, very small children and Tom Friedman.

(Well, those five and the +50% of the American electorate who have no idea where they are or who is running their country, so fuck 'em.)

So why does this awful, awful hack have a job at the New York Times?

Because he is rich.

Because he is connected.

And because his fatuous Centrist naughtytalk
My fear is that both parties have just started their 2012 campaigns. In which case, the rest of us will just sit here, hostages to fortune, orphans of a political system gone mad, hunkering down for a bad century.
gives people like fellow billionaire Mike Bloomberg and the "No Labels" grifters big happy boners.


Michael said...

I am well into middle age, been around a while and have seen a lot. I have never been so damned depressed over the political state of our country as I am right now. The desperation of the conservative wing and the tactics used by them are as repugnant as anything that I've ever witnessed. That they would stoop so low is disappointing but unsurprising. Having said that I'm not sure who I am more infuriated at, those idiots in the republican party or their constituents. It's one thing to lie, cheat and steal but to be able to convince a large segment of the voting public that they are the real morality, well that takes some SERIOUS stupid to fall for it...time and time again! What has happened to us?

n1ck said...


In my opinion, a 24/7 media, and FOX News.

Republicans will be Republicans, but for a lot of Americans, just seeing something on television makes it real. Now, throw a label like "news" on it, and the willfully gullible will accept it and repeat it as fact. It's news after all. Especially if it plays to base fears and emotions.

Look at Survivor. A show full of actors and models put on a desert island to compete for pizza partys while plotting their fellow islander's demise. It's called "reality tv". Americans eat that shit up.

Don't get me wrong. About half the country (of actual voters) will vote R out of tradition. But the 24/7 media and FOX news have hyper-inflated the amount of misinformation and outright lies that the Republicans use to stay in power.

Friedman is in the fairy land of ultimate centrism. He sees things clearly, which is to say, even if he admits that one side is unfit to govern, he'll still petition the reasonable side to move to the "center" to meet them to get something, anything done. Even when what the incompetent Republicans are asking for will cause actual harm to the country.

But, he's a centrist you see. So it's the only way, unless we pretend that a third party will ever be viable in this country.

Basically, the reasonable side has to work with the incompetents, or we have to wait for the impossible.

It's not really a call for "centrism". It's just a subtle way to repeat the tired "But the Democrats do it too" mantra.

Batocchio said...

I’ve argued that the only way for Obama to expose just how radical the G.O.P. has become would be for the president to put out in detail his version of a credible “Grand Bargain” and then go sell it to the country...

Not to mention, Obama has done this, in some fashion, multiple times. It's bad enough that Friedman's analysis is so obtuse, drab, and cloying. He can't even follow the current events he's paid an exorbitant amount to write on.