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My "I Promise Not To Give Your Money To Rupert Murdoch" Fundraiser.

I am given to understand that the Lincoln Lads are trying to raise one million dollars to create content that would "mess with Trump."

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And my final, solemn pledge to you is this:  After I raise the $500K, I absolutely will not email you begging for money, and will not come back on this weblog asking for money...until the $500K runs out.

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Little Did He Know

I stopped reading this Jennifer Rubin Washington Post editorial after the first three words: 

The Media Should...

Then I sighed.

Then I skimmed through it looking for the words and phrases I knew would be there.  

And there they were.

There was (emphasis added):

...the media might want to rethink their role in helping to stoke another MAGA meltdown.


Nevertheless, once more many in the media are uncritically regurgitating...


 In doing so, the media are amplifying ominous warnings...


Far too many outlets take at face value ...


This is yet another dangerous moment in which Republicans are fanning the flames of indignation with lies, unfounded accusations and baseless conspiracy theories. This time, the media should reflect on its own role...

And I immediately flashed on Dustin Hoffman's "Little did he know" speech from "Stranger Than Fiction".  Because that's the way my brain works:

Did you say "Little did he know"?  I've written papers on "Little did he know". I used to teach a class based on "Little did he know".  I mean, I once gave an entire seminary on "Little did he know".


I've written thousands of posts on "The Media Should".

We've done hundreds of podcast episodes on The "Media Should".

I mean, I once gave an entire disquisition on "The Media Should" at a party that brought everything to a dead stop.

Little did I know that nothing would change.  Nothing at all.

 And nothing is going to change until people with big platforms like Jennifer Rubin stop talking about "the media" and start a concerted, ongoing campaign of naming names.  

Which, of course, is never going to happen because this "media" of which Ms. Rubin speaks is cozy, Beltway club in which she is a member in good standing.  And in that club, the worst, déclassé offense against propriety and good manners is speaking ill of any fellow club members by name.  

I Am The Liberal Media

Periodic Check-In With Our Never Trump Overlords: Part II

It was touching really.  

Charlie Sykes asking, trembling in childlike innocence, "Golly Mr. Milbank, is it really truly true that the GOP was kinda awful and fucked up before Donald Trump?"

And Dana Milbank, shaking his mighty head ruefully, replying gently that, yes, it's true.  Pretty much all of this shit started with Gingrich and Limbaugh back in the early 1990s. 

Shuddering with sadness, Charlie climbed into Milbank's lap and cried and cried, while Milbank told him the Scariest Bedtime Story Evah!

And to his credit, as he told the tale, Milbank played all the notes. Vince Foster.  Timothy McVeigh.  Sharron Angle and "Second Amendment Solutions".   Mitch McConnell's commitment to sabotage and destroy the Obama administration at any cost.  The Drudge Report.  Karl Rove.  Birtherism.  Steve Stockman.  G. Gordon Liddy.  Gingrich and his GOPAC propaganda clinic.  The racism of the Tea Party.  Dick Cheney saying "Reagan taught us deficits don't matter."  And, of course, Limbaugh. 

 Pedants like me might feel tempted to leap with a string of "whatabouts" on the Mena airport and tan suits, but the gist was clear.

 It is a story that all of us know very well and in rich detail, but through his tears, as he wept, Charlie Sykes -- the premier Wisconsin Republican kingmaker who spent 30-years on the radio as "The Rush Limbaugh of Wisconsin" -- swore that this was all news to him.  That he had never realized any of it.  

Sykes:  You try to address a question that I wrestle with all the time.  How long has this been going on [nervous chuckle].  Where did this come from?  Was there some sort of a turning point?  So in your book, when you ask the question, "How did the GOP get where it is today?" you trace the roots of the conspiracies and the lies that are, y'know, have created the world, and you go back to 1994, when Newt Gingrich led the party to the midterm victory.  So talk to me about why you think that Gingrich was the pivotal figure in this devolution and deconstruction of the Republican party.

And then Milbank remembered that he was here to sell a book.  That he was on Charlie Sykes' podcast to sell a book about a subject which is old, old news to any Liberals   who might be listening.  And that it was probably a poor idea to piss off the host of the show on which you are now trying to sell that book.  So he took pains to soften the blow. Actual quote:

Milbank:  Sure.  And Charlie I want to say that it wasn't obvious to me in real-time that this is where this was going to go.  It was disturbing, but it wasn't obvious as to where this was going to go.  And I know there were a lot of good Republicans at the time, and people who were -- maybe yourself included -- who were aligned with a lot of this who could not at all see where this was going.  But in retrospect it makes a lot more sense.  So you had Newt Gingrich in the the 80s -- the late 1980s -- who were saying the real problem with the Republican party 

It was all the naughtybad Republicans and Conservative media goons waaaay over there who were cooking up this hellbrew, but not you Charlie.  

Never you.

Milbank: There was always sort of a nucleus.  People in the Republican party.  There was Bob Dole pushing back against [Gingrichism].   There was Charlie Sykes...

And that's when I lost interest.  Because there absolutely were people in real-time who saw where this was going.  The media looked the other way.  Covered for it.  Equivocated.  But it was there for anyone to see who was paying fucking attention.

Curt Meyer, CBS News, 2006 (page no longer exists):

Good Riddance To The Gingrichites

CBS' Meyer: GOP 'Chess Club' Ruled The House For 12 Years And Won't Be Missed

This is a story I should have written 12 years ago when the "Contract with America" Republicans captured the House in 1994. I apologize.

Really, it's just a simple thesis: The men who ran the Republican Party in the House of Representatives for the past 12 years were a group of weirdos. Together, they comprised one of the oddest legislative power cliques in our history. And for 12 years, the media didn't call a duck a duck, because that's not something we're supposed to do.

I'm not talking about the policies of the Contract for America crowd, but the character. I'm confident that 99 percent of the population — if they could see these politicians up close, if they watched their speeches and looked at their biographies — would agree, no matter what their politics or predilections...

Kevin Drum in 2006:

I'd like to believe that too, but there's just no evidence of it. Over the past 30 years the Republican Party has gone from Gerald Ford to Ronald Reagan to Newt Gingrich to Dick Cheney — i.e., from conservative to reactionary to crazy to batshit insane — and Rove's "two T's" are further evidence that they have no intention of rowing this back. They're obviously getting more desperate in the face of possible electoral defeat this November, but other than that they're just doubling down on the same old strategy of cultural bloodletting in the service of economic plutocracy.

The Liberal blogging didn't really take off until the early-to-mid 2000s, so much of what we were thinking and saying is lost to history, but once we could write stuff up and offer it to the public by hitting "Publish", the Liberal blogosphere quickly filled up with talented, smart, informed, muscular writers who could see very clearly what road the GOP was on.

From the late Steven Gillard, also from 2006:

The GOP began to change when men like Phil Gramm, Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey rose to power. They had been modestly successful academics who had avoided Vietnam, who embraced an extreme theory of politics. Democrats and liberals were traitors in all but name, Clinton's presidency was illegitimate, isolationism was fine. Everything was political. 
They had not served anyone but their cause, which they confused with their country. Outsiders like Rove, Abramoff and Norquist pushed their extreme ideologies with the fervor of fanatics.

As time went on, more and more people of extreme ideas and limited experience went to Congress. They had nothing but ideology to go on and that was their sole experience in the world. George Bush was their embodiment. A man of the upper classes who had rejected the worldliness and erudition of his peers to embrace the mythos of the self-made oilman. Not that he was, but he walked away from his education and heritage because he wanted to be something he was not, a success on his own.

The current Republican party has three wings, economic extremists, imperialists and social fundamentalists. All three are closer to the Bolsheviks than American political thought. Bush persists in a failed war because he cannot be wrong. Norquist wants a smaller government, no matter how it doesn't work. Robertson and Dobson want a Christian America at any price. All these extremists want to impose their vision of America at any price.

And moderates have bent to their will for their own gain. Easy money, majority status, they have reaped the benefits of the work of the extremists, They did not stand up to them, did not confront them, but took their money and supported them instead of their conscience.

We are battling extremists, ideologues, people for whom compromise and treason are next to each other in the dictionary. There is no talking to them, no making deals or finding the center with these people. They have to be stopped. They have to be investigated and even jailed. They are people for whom deals mean victory for them and betrayal for you.

You cannot negotiate with a rabid dog.

I could go on for a million more words, but I'll end with this post which I remember with special fondness because it began as a long comment I wrote when I was a commenter at Steve Gilliard's News Blog, which I then fished out of there and dressed up all purdy when I struck out on my own in 2005.  And which Steve was gracious enough to repost at his blog.  

17 years ago and I still stand by every word.  And please note how eerily Donald Trump's capture of the GOP in 2022 parallels Tom DeLay's iron control of the GOP in 2005:

Mr. Driftglass moves out on his own

The little-“p” politics of this is fascinating. Over the long run that the GOP is demographically/ electorally doomed to become the minority Thurston Howell Party again. Either when the Fundy Shining Path Rebels that make up their margin of victory make one too many batshit demands, are told “No” once too often.

(If you want to get a clear picture of how this will look, rent “Fatal Attraction” or “Play Misty For Me”. I’m not going to be ignored, George!)

So either they take their bat and ball and stomp disgustedly back to Mordor, or a handful of moderate Republicans get so freaked out by the Randall Terry Wing of the Party that they bolt or stay home.

But short run…Tom DeLay is now a Household Name. Been waiting 10 years for that to happen and always amazed that Republicans had no fucking clue who he was, even though you’d tell them five or a hundred times. Sheesh. All RAM and no Hard Drive with some people.

Every GOP Leader knows the Gingrich Lesson: No matter how much the membership owes you, they’ll go absolutely Lord of The Flies on your Piggy-ass the minute you becomes a measurable liability. Newt was so completely “I Am The Reich” that he would have been perfectly happy to go into the bunker and fight it out until the GOP was razed to rubble had he not been stopped by his own House Republicans.

And since the Suddenly Huge Liability named Tom DeLay is now just “Tell Tale Heart”--thundering away under the GOP floorboards, threatening to drown out everything else, the question is, will that same dynamic play twice?

Well DeLay ain’t Gingrich. He learned from that episode, and they don’t call him The Hammer for his shipwright skills. He spent a decade forcibly collecting GOP testicles and caching them in his private Crown Royal bag. At the slightest provocation he will to politically and personally destroy anyone who doesn’t bend a deep knee to His Gorgon Awfulness.

And both the Texas and National Republican parties have shown absolutely craven willingness to rewrite the Rules on the fly any time the Beast’s wet-bar needed to be restocked with virgin’s blood, or whenever a law or policy might make threaten to cinch-in the bottomless lust he and his stooges have for Power, Money, Trinkets and Perks, even a trifle.

So (hahah!) they’ve kinda disarmed themselves to accommodate him, and now they’re stuck very much up on that very windy gibbet with him. So if you were running in 2006 and playing How Do I Save My Pink Republican Skin while DeLay is holding your ass held hostage, what do you do?

Got to time it juuuust right. Jump away from Herr DeLay too soon and he’ll blow your head off. Jump too late, and your face will be morphed into Tom DeLay…into Randall Terry…into, I dunno, Osama Bin Laden? in every ad, every day, for the entire election cycle.

My simple suggestion for voters in 2006?

Shoot the hostage ;-)

And the point is this.  There were plenty of people who accurately predicted the trajectory of the Republican party long before Trump showed up, and used whatever means were available to them to warn whoever would listen about the terrible danger the Right and their enablers in the mainstream media were plunging us into.  And many of those people are still alive and kicking.  They're still writing and speaking about the danger we are, and still using whatever means are available to them to warn whoever will listen.  

And they're still roundly ignored, mocked, dismissed and reviled by both the Beltway and the fledgling Never Trump medias, because they (we) keep showing up, unkempt and unwanted, with inconvenient receipts that put paid to the fairy tales the Beltway and Never Trump medias traffic in.

These are the same people who did all that ignoring and mocking and dismissing and reviling back when all of what came to pass might have been prevented.  These are the people who pretended everything was jake and that anyone who said otherwise was an alarmist crackpot...right up until Donald Trump swept to power and drove then into the wilderness.  

And the fate of those people?  The people who lied and lied and lied to themselves and their audiences for decades?  Until it was far too late?  

Well golly, you can't swing a dead cat on cable news or on the op-ed pages of America's leading print publications without hitting five or six of those people -- all with cozy media sinecures, all still sneering and rolling their eyes at us crackpot Liberals -- shaking their heads sadly and offering the public and each other a much more palatable and profitable product: the very comforting, absolving  fairy tale that no one could have seen this coming.

I Am The Liberal Media

Friday, August 12, 2022

Periodic Check-In With Our Never Trump Overlords

I do this less often than I used to, but every so often I still like to take a peek over the transom to see what our Never Trump betters are up to.  Those savvy life-long professional Republican political havers-of-opinions who, overnight, lost their entire party to a Day-Glo Orange racist con man, and have spent every day since sternly lecturing those of us who didn't lose our party to a Day-Glo Orange racist con man that we suck at politics and we should shut up and run our party to their specification.

Because they're on the teevee and you're not.

Today we take a quick look-see at a conversation between Mr. Peter Wehner (unreconstructed Iraq War pimp, contributing opinion writer for The New York Times and contributing editor at The Atlantic) and Mr. Charlie Sykes (a 30-year Conserative Radio veteran as the 'Rush Limbaugh of Wisconsin' and Republican insider who almost single-handedly destroyed Wisconsin's chance at getting high-speed rail, and was the political doula to just about every shitty Wisconsin elected official for the past 20 years: a list that includes but is not limited to Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus, Scott Walker and Ron Johnson.)

Let us join these two darlings of the mainstream media now and bask in the warm glow of their collective wisdom:

Wehner:  ...And yet [Trump] won [the GOP primary] and he won easily.  Pretty much going away.  The question is "why?"  Why...what did Trump have that overcame all of those other obstacles?  And I think the answer is, it was the style.  It was the cruelty.  It was crudity.  It was the aggression.  What people in the base to the Republican party saw in Donald Trump was someone who would bring a gun to a cultural knife fight.   And that is what they wanted.  So the more they heard him, the more they rallied around him.

driftglass:  Yes.  This is what Liberals have been writing about the GOP base for decades.

Wehner:  If you were following the Republican party...

driftglass:  Yes.  We were and have been writing about it for decades.

Wehner: knew that [Trump] had tapped into something that was existing.  That was pre-existing, if you will. 

driftglass:  Written about it.  For decades.

Wehner:  What happened is that, once he became the nominee -- and especially once he became the president -- then it was essentially all bets are off.  And those pre-existing attitudes and sensibilities which were dangerous to begin with were multiplied and amplified to an unbelievable degree.  

Sykes:  Let's flash back to our 2015-2016 selves.  

driftglass:  Nah.  You've already done that a million times.  So just for laughs, what about flash back to your 2014 selves.  

Sykes:  Let's flash back to our 2015-2016 selves.  Because we were there, right?  We're old enough to remember that when he came down the Golden Escalator we wrote the pieces saying, "You folks cannot be serious. I mean you understand what he represents".  But you're right.  He tapped into something. 

driftglass:  You know, it doesn't even have to be my blog.  It's just that I'm obviously most familiar with my own content.  Just go read what pretty much any Liberal was writing about the state GOP long before Trump showed up.   

Sykes:  But [pause] did you know...have a sense...that the Republican base in 2015 and 2016 wanted crudity and cruelty?  Because I knew that there were some elements that did, but what I completely underestimated was how resonant that appeal [was].  And I think you're exactly right.  That he tapped into something that I will admit that I was in denial about.  

driftglass: I appreciate Mr. Sykes finally, grudgingly getting around to admitting that he was in denial about the real state of his own party.  No kidding, I do,  But since his one job for the duration of his entire adult life has been acting as a savvy Republican political insider who knew what was really going on behind the scenes of the GOP...and since he completely blew that one job...I have to ask, why is he still in the political-opinion-having business?  Why is he being paid actual American dollars to lecture Democrats on how awfully we're mismanaging our party?  Or on what "independents" secretly really think?   This is a guy who swears he never really knew what the GOP base was really like or really wanted even as Conservative radio hosts just like him were vomiting the real state of the GOP base out of AM radio speakers from coast-to-coast for decades.   

Sykes: That I thought was a recessive gene.  But clearly there were millions of Americans that looked at the guy who was gonna bring the gun to the knife fight and said, "That's what we want!  We want a fighter.  We want someone who is going to be crude.  Who is going to be cruel. Who is going to be attacking."  And that appetite was there.  Why didn't we see it?

driftglass:  I know you made an entire industry out of slagging, mocking and dismissing the Liberals who tried to warn you that your party was racing down the road to fascism, but there were also books -- entire books -- being written about the subject by names I know you will recognize.  For example John Dean -- Watergate John Dean -- published "Conservatives without Conscience" in 2006 and "Broken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches" in 2008. And Kevin Phillips -- one of the architects of the Nixon's infamous Southern Strategy -- published "American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century" in 2007.  

Wehner:  Yeah, I'm not sure that anybody saw it to the degree that it existed, because it was so deep and so wide.  

And that's when I began hitting my head on the keyboard until the blessed darkness came

And there I slept in the cool, dreamless darkness until the sound of my own laughter shook me awake.  The Bulwark podcast was still playing and on a subconscious level I must've picked up this from Peter Wehner talking about Republican voters:

Wehner:  And the answer is, no, they can't do it.  Because it's too much cognitive dissonance.  And because [Trump] has become their hero.  Their leader.  And to acknowledge their mistakes about him would do two things which I think is psychologically very, very hard.  First thing it would do would be them admitting they were wrong about Trump on some deep and fundamental level.  And the second thing -- and I think the even harder thing -- is that they would be acknowledging that the critics of Trump were right.  So the people they had been in this intense, hyper-intense political combat for the last...

Sykes: Yeah.

Wehner:  ...six or seven years, uh, had been right.  And people don't want to... to do that.  So they will look away.  They will make excuses...  

I started laughing because I was remembering what happened when the Never Trumpers were run out of their party and showed up on our doorstep -- the doorstep of the people they had been in this intense, hyper-intense political combat for the last +30 years.  

And all some of us wanted to from them in exchange for letting them crash on our sofa, eat our food, pilfer seats in the media that should have rightfully gone to Liberals and, in general, bitch endlessly about how Democrats suck and we're just goddamn lucky that they're allowing us to give them shelter...

...was some acknowledgment that the Left had actually been right about the Right all along.

But instead of that, we got rage, indignation, denial, deflection, outright lies and this:

Because you can drag the man out of the GOP, but you can never drag the GOP out of the man.

And I am still laughing.  

I Am The Liberal Media

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Peak David Fucking Brooks

Here, at the end of all things, only one question remains.

At what point does the Sulzberger family decide that David Brooks, their doddering, ideologically-incontinent housepet, has finally shit on one too many of the family's hand-knotted Bokara rugs to be kept around any longer?

At what point will he be dispatched to an Elite Pundit Farm upstate where he can gambol and opine all day long in the warm sunshine with the ghosts of fellow pundits like David Broder and William Safire?

My guess is never.

I've been writing about David Brooks for +17 years now, and I didn't do all that readin' and spill all those pixels because I find anything meritorious about Mr. Brooks.  Quite the opposite: I lost count of the sheer tonnage of indefensible, toxic codswallop that sharts out of this man's pen more than a decade ago.  

Brooks' dubious virtue is that he has always been a utterly reliable barometer of state of cravenness and brokenness of the mainstream media.  Not just based on the objectively cringy awfulness of his own work, but in the way his colleagues have climbed over each other to praise him, fete him and emulate him.  He is the total package:  the complete Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of How Fucked-In-The-Head The Elite Media Is all wrapped up in a single person.

Mr. Brooks ends his column like this:

It feels as though we’re walking toward some sort of storm and there’s no honorable way to alter our course.

And he's right.  The only honorable way to alter the course of the storm of Republicans madness and violence that is bearing down on us would be to invent a time machine and go back to when the madness began to grow and metastasize and thoroughly and publicly discredit those elite media influencers who were swearing up, down and sideway that there was nothing to worry about.  That George W. Bush was a military genius.  That the Iraq War was an unalloyed success.  That tax cuts fix everything.  How dare you suggest that St. Ronald Reagan played on the racist anger and fear of the GOP base to win.  That we would never have deficits again, and anyone who said otherwise was crazy and stupid.  That the Tea Party wasn't racist.  That Obama was to blame for GOP intransigence.  That everything was fine.  That the GOP had gotten over being weird and was now back to being awesome.  That Liberals are crackpot alarmists for fretting over the trajectory of the GOP.   That Both Sides are to blame for [fill in the blank.]  That Bernie was just as bad as Trump.   That we needn't worry about Trump because it was definitely gonna be Rubio! That Both Sides are to blame for [fill in the blank.]  That Hillary was just as bad as Trump.  That Both Sides are to blame for [fill in the blank.]  That we needn't worry about Trump because he was was definitely going to lose.   That Both Sides are to blame for [fill in the blank.]  That we needn't worry about Trump because the Wise Men of the GOP would definitely keep him in line.  That Both Sides are to blame for [fill in the blank].  That the base of the GOP weren't racist meatheads drunk on Hate Radio of Fox News rotgut.  

And did I mention that Both Sides are always, always, always to blame for [fill in the blank]?

If you haven't caught on by now, these represent just a few of the many, many "highlights" of the opinion-having career of Mr. David Brooks while he has been on the Weekly Standard and the Sulzberger family payrolls.

And trying my damndest every single day to use whatever gifts I have in every way I could think of to thoroughly pants and publicly discredit elite media influencers like David Fucking Brooks who helped manufacture the storm of Republicans madness and violence that is now bearing down on us is how I spent the 2000s.

And the 2010s.

And, so far, the 2020s.  

And if I have learned anything from the past +17 years spent at the Liberal blogosphere and podcasting coal-face, it is this.

David Brooks is never going to change.

And the Sulzberger family is never going to give him up.      

I Am The Liberal Media

Professional Left Podcast #663

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Darren Bailey Continues to Have a Darren Bailey Problem

You all remember Darren Bailey, right?   Far-right crackpot Republican politician who is currently serving in the Illinois Senate for the 55th district and is also the Illinois Republican party's nominee for governor.

Last week we brought you the news that:

Darren Bailey Faces Intense Backlash After Footage Surfaces of Him Comparing  Abortion to the Holocaust

This week I am here to faithfully report that Darren Bailey has still not learned the First Rule of Stupid Holes:  If you find yourself in the Stupid Hole, put down the Stupid Shovel and shut your Stupid Gob while your staff scrambles to clean up your mess.  

Darren Bailey: “The Jewish rabbis, they said, ‘No, you’re actually right’” to compare abortion to the Holocaust

Except no, they didn't.    

Well, let's take a step back.  No one, including the Bailey campaign, has any idea who "The Jewish rabbis" are, but pretty much everyone -- including leaders of his own party -- are lining up to denounce him:

Over the weekend, Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso became the latest Republican to join the chorus of voices condemning Bailey: “Republicans who think they can get elected in November on their own merit must decide whether to distance themselves from and disavow the albatross at the top of the ticket.”

Mayor Grasso’s comments follow State Representative Steve Reick’s staunch criticism that, “Darren Bailey has crossed a line, a line which you just do not cross.” Even House Minority Leader Jim Durkin rebuked Bailey and stated that,“the Holocaust was one of the worst atrocities in the history of humankind and any comments that minimize it have no place in our political discourse.”

This is followed by a very long (and growing) list of prominent Illinois humans and institutions condemning Bailey for being exactly the kind of lumpen bigoted asshat that GOP base voters love.  The list includes the Anti-Defamation League Midwest, the Springfield Jewish Federation and the President Emeritus of the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center and goes on and on and on.

Good job, Rich!

As I mentioned last week, if you're looking for the real experts on what the Republican party actually looks like under the mask, you never needed to look any further than those of us who live out here among them in flyover country.  

We don't have to run polls and focus groups to figure out what these mopes are really thinking.  

All we've ever had to do is keep our ears open when we're at the grocery store or at the bar or in the church parlor or at a city council meeting.  

Because brothers and sisters, they are not shy about it.  

I Am The Liberal Media

Hugh Hewitt, Andrew Yang and "One Legal Expert" Walk Into a Bar Exam

Dear Future Historians.

On this day in the Year of Our Lord 2022 the Washington Post's Cyborg Sent From the Future to Destroy America (tm)  ... 

... retweeted the latest in a long, long line of Third Party grifters  ... 

... citing a lone, anonymous "legal expert" quoted in Tiger Beat on the Potomac (h/t Brother Charles Pierce) that Murrica is in turrible, turrible danger --

-- because law enforcement executed a legal search warrant to retrieve stolen classified documents from the home of a notorious criminal and traitor.  

Yes, after weeks of vapid fan-dancing and buzz-wording, the Forward Party has finally staked out a position on something.  And that something is their approval of Donald Trump wiping his ass with the rule of law.  

It was very on-brand for everyone concerned.

No Half Measures

My "I Promise Not To Give Your Money To Rupert Murdoch" Fundraiser.

I am given to understand that the Lincoln Lads are trying to raise one million dollars to create content that would "mess wit...