Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Ep 737 No Fair Remembering Stuff Podcast: The Brooks Brothers Riot

"The mob is the mother of tyrants.  -- Diogenes


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1 comment:

Robt said...

With al the lying and propaganda splattering from the right wing media and the rights wing political party.

What I do not remember is when the Left propagandized things like ,
Hillary supports Trump.

George Soros is funding Trump's campaign.

George Soros is funding the republican party.

Obama and Bill Clinton praise Trump for president at rally.

What might the right wing voters do if they heard this 24/7? Would they think Troop is a liberal globalist commie Buddhist Islamic Maoist who wants to destroy republican freedom to hate and kill ?

Really, putting out counter measures like, Hilary supports Trump and says she is voting for him".

Could cause a shock to the Cultist heartbeat throb.

Spreading it around the Twitter / X would be a nice experiment.