Friday, November 25, 2016

The Return Of The All-Purpose Wingnut Bogeyman

I have decided to take a little break from rolling around in the enormous piles of cash that George Soros keeps sending me each and every week to personally attest to the fact that the world is full of rock-ribbed Republicans Independents-who-regularly-donate-money-to-the-GOP-and-just-happen-to-vote-"R"-in-every-election who swear they have never heard of Sheldon Adelson, or Peter Thiel, or Rupert Murdoch, or Joseph Coors.  Who are oblivious to the fact that an infamous sexual predator name Roger Ailes ran their favorite news network right up until they paid him $40M to go away (after which he went across he street to help another infamous sexual predator run for president.)  Could not tell you a thing about Richard Mellon Scaiff.  Who profess to having no clue as to Lee Atwater's place in the history of their party, or what the "Southern Strategy" was (and is.)

In other words, loyal, life-long Republicans Independents-who-regularly-donate-money-to-the-GOP-and-just-happen-to-vote-"R"-in-every-election have held themselves willfully ignorant of the basic facts about who actually runs their party or what those people's priorities actually are.

On other hand, it has also been my experience that these same Republicans Independents-who-regularly-donate-money-to-the-GOP-and-just-happen-to-vote-"R"-in-every-election have also somehow come to possess a PhD-level of familiarity with ugly legacy of civil rights and the Democratic Party from the beginning of the republic through, oh, let's say 1962.  At which point their vast and intimate knowledge of American history suddenly and mysteriously ceases.  

They have also been well-trained to bark out the Magic Conjure Words "SaulAlinskySaulAlinskySaulAlinsky" three times whenever any Liberal anywhere debunks whatever idiotic conspiracy theory has captured their fancy today.

And, of course, to summon the Great Demon Soros any time anyone rudely brings up the fact that the base of the Republican Party has been dumbed down and raged up to a point where they will cheerfully cut their own economic throats and serve themselves up to plutocrats on a platter because Freedumb!

George Soros targeted by Trump supporters over protests

Billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros has become the target of Donald Trump supporters, who have begun organizing protests against the prominent Democratic donor whom they see as contributing to civil unrest in the wake of the 2016 elections.

The Hungarian-born investor, a Jew who survived the Nazi occupation during World War II and who has committed about $12 billion of his fortune to human rights work around the world, has long been a lightning rod for conservatives for his support of progressive causes.

That criticism reached a fever pitch online since the presidential election as Trump voters and conspiracy theorists see Soros’ hand — and wallet — in the protests that raged across the country in the days following the election. It’s a claim of financial support Soros' Open Society Foundations disavows.

“At the end of the day, it seems like he's sending groups to create chaos and disorder for no reason,” said Rochelle Winther of Los Angeles, who is circulating information about him on social media, concerned that Soros is promoting hate through protests. “I don't see how that helps anybody.”...

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin describes Soros as occupying the center of gravity for the progressive funding universe for years. Reports that cast the billionaire in the vanguard of rich liberals who've pledged to fight the Trump administration's agenda from Day One may make him a renewed target, she says.

Conservative television host Glenn Beck once described him in a series of hour–long commentaries in 2010 as a shadowy political “puppet master” who manipulates unions, the Democratic Party and the Obama White House. Beck suggested he was somehow complicit in the Holocaust.

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has called the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre a hoax, this week labeled Soros as "fundamentally evil" and screened a clip of a 1998 60 Minutes interview that he described as a "whitewash" of his role as a Nazi collaborator, a role debunked by Soros biographer Michael Kaufman...
Mr. Soros has told me to tell you that continuing to expend valuable time and effort trying to reason with these people is a fool's errand and you should stop it immediately

And now, back to my money wallowing.  Thanks George!

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John said...

These attacks on Soros are just crazy. I myself have been accused of being in Soros' pay. Good Lord! Let me tell you, if Soros has been reduced to paying me, the right has nothing to worry about from him.

This would be funny if it did not target a person, George Soros, who by most accounts is as decent a person as one can be (if one is a major currency trader) and smack horribly of traditional anti-semitism.

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