Wednesday, September 21, 2016

It's Hard Out Here For Pimp: Special CNN Corey Lewandowski Edition

From the New York Times:
Corey Lewandowski Continues to Be Paid by Donald Trump’s Campaign

SEPT. 21, 2016

Donald J. Trump paid his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski $20,000 in August for “strategy consulting,” two months after Mr. Lewandowski left the team and was hired by CNN as a commentator.

The payment, revealed in Federal Election Commission filings on Tuesday, was the second monthly consulting fee paid to Mr. Lewandowski through his consulting company since he left the Trump campaign and joined CNN, raising questions about whether the network in effect has a Trump campaign strategist on its payroll.

Mr. Lewandowski still speaks with Mr. Trump regularly. Reached by phone, Mr. Lewandowski said he could not comment owing to his contractual obligations with CNN.

But Steven Cheung, a spokesman for Mr. Trump, said that payments were actually severance payments owed to Mr. Lewandowski under his old contract with Mr. Trump’s campaign...

But on F.E.C. paperwork, the campaign listed both the August and July payments as “strategy consulting.” Mr. Cheung did not respond to a follow-up email inquiring about why the payments were not described as severance to the F.E.C.
A CNN spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

You know, it must be damn confusing to be a Trump surrogate.

To begin with, the revolving whore-door between paid political button-man and trusted teevee analyst now spins so fast as to be invisible to the unaided human eye.

And then, due to the special nature of the Trump outfit, just to get a foot in the door in the first place you have be a demonstrably soulless, amoral, dead-eyed balrog who can move from camera to camera lying baldly and continuously all day long without changing expression.

And then, once you get the job, you start getting big bags of money essentially just for being you -- a soulless, amoral, dead-eyed balrog -- right in the faces of various people on teevee.  

So wow, how awesome is that.

Then, suddenly. two different outfits offer you two big bags of money to go right on being the biggest dick in Christendom and do your soulless, amoral, dead-eyed balrog thing, but with a slightly different title.  And you get sit right across from the very same people at whom you have been vomiting lies from the beginning, so no awkward introductions are necessary.  

So winner, winner, chicken dinner for you!

But then, out of the sky blue, some people wanna start making something out of some bullshit contract language that hangs some ridiculous, microscopic delineation between the two outfits that each hired you specifically for your mad skillz as the biggest, amoral dick in Christendom. Something to do with "ethics" -- a concept which neither you nor the outfits that hired you to be the biggest, amoral dick in Christendom have been within a thousand yards of since Christ was a corporal.

I mean, WTF people?  We know what you are.  You have already haggled over the price.  But now you want to get all blushy and virginal because the whore you both hired wants to charge double for a three-way?

Obviously it is well past time for a blogger ethics panel.  


Dave McCarthy said...

"...raising questions about whether the network in effect has a Trump campaign strategist on its payroll."

Yeah, no, Mr Confessore. No question.

Unknown said...

The biggest revelation here is the Drumpf campaign is paying someone.

trgahan said...

So we have confirmation that the media has already skipped ahead to direct hiring Republican Party campaign employees in order to prop up the campaigns of unqualified two-bit conmen candidates being spawned by a marginal fascist party filled with voters so consumed by revenge fantasies that would rather destroy the nation than let it move forward.....the Both Sides on this one should be good.

Buttermilk Sky said...

Mr. Mulka makes a good point. It's unlikely Lewandowski has seen any Trump money, and even whores have to eat.

Robt said...

OK, if he was paid. Was the check cut from the Trump Foundation?

And, why did CNN decide to save the Heritage Foundation from providing republican work welfare to Corey (the big dick) Lewandowski ? It wasn't to raise CNN's ratings.

A bloggger's ethic panel ?
A fictional book never written.........

Try a Guinness book of record ethic violations. could be a best smeller.