Friday, January 04, 2019

Professional Left Podcast #474

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life."
-- Mark Twain, writer

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VonWenk said...

How does this theory of strategic cursing apply to the commenters on ostensibly liberal sites? Some of it feels like "Cursing shows I'm an adult." In the case of Wonkette, I don't see the strategy at all; it reads like cursing for its own sake. More broadly, I feel like liberals spend too much time patting themselves on the back at how much smarter they are than conservativea and pointing out how they've called someone out of their name, fiddling while Rome burns.

Meremark said...


I can back off on the strateegerizing provocations which signal mobs of supporters "go in their and Impeach the motherfucker Dumbshit."

And, instead, tone it down to personal 'I-statements,' as my feelings in the instantial moment:

"I say god damn it rip that son of a bitch outta there."

Is that better?

Reserving right to revise and extend me remarks citing facts in Court documents, such as saying,

"Go in there and Impeach that childfucker."

Just the factual stuff. Sound better to you, WanWank?

dinthebeast said...

Nancy Pelosi also got the response to the "motherfucker" situation right: If a man had said this, would we be making a big deal out of it?
Never mind the (as the first blogger I ever read, Lisa Rein, said) "hoary artifact" of Dick motherfucking Cheney telling Pat Leahy to go fuck himself on the senate floor, and boasting about it to this very day, when a woman uses that kind of language it's a transgression of the behavior code the right wants to impose on women.
And fuck that.
The day of the "nasty woman" has arrived at long last, and the sounds of thumping and wailing you'll be hearing off in the distance will be crusty old Republican asses being kicked by the people who have shown up to save the country.

Thank you again for the podcast, I have to get the pictures of the cat off of Briana's phone to send in to you this week.
Good luck on the new project, I know what it's like to try to make limited resources cover everything I need to get done, but I have faith that you will come up with something outstanding.

-Doug in Oakland