Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sometimes, Just for a Moment, I Nearly Forget How Fucked-in-the-Head the Right Is

Then they remind me.

Behold, a Tip Jar!


stickler said...

You ought to watch her in "Blue Steel".

Loony Liberal said...

I've half a mind to send Sean Hannity a copy of "Yellow Submarine," but scribble in the subtitle, "Based on a true story."

Robt said...

We should not forget the conservative actor in the movie, Aliens" .
In their role, played in the scene where the guy is impregnated with an alien and they try to provide an Abortion. But the conservative alien who had it's hand over the persons mouth and its tentacle around the persons neck (that chocked the guy each time they attempt to abort the alien baby.

How the pro Life conservative alien won the day on aborting.

How blessed that aliens birth was to the birthing father.

Another true documentary in the world of conservatism.

Lawrence said...

You probably know this, but the original Michael Myers mask from Halloween was a casting of William Shatner's face.