Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Meet The New Flak

Same as the old flak.

From CBS:
Sarah Sanders, Raj Shah planning to depart the White House
However much they splay Musical Mouthpiece on the deck of the Andrea Doria around, in the end, everybody in the White House works for Vlad the Elector.
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RUKidding said...

I read that. Guess Sarah Fuckabee Sanders isn't quite the narcissitic sociopathic psychopath like her beloved Boss. Guess all the lying 110% of the time and having to clean up Trump's bullshit doo-doo finally got to her. Will wonders never cease. Took 11 months, which, I think, is a record for this Admin.

If you look at Before & After photos of La Sanders, you'll notice how increasingly mean, nasty and fugly she became.

Time for some surgery, Sarah?? Maybe Trump'll give you a nice severance pay on your way outta the door. Bwa ha ha ha... FAT chance.

e.a.f. said...

too a moment, only had one coffee. the picture is priceless. thanks for the laugh.