Friday, June 22, 2018

Local Man Angry That Past Is Remembered Accurately

This is Noah Pollock.

He gets paid by many, well-known publications to put words together.

Memory is the Liberal superpower, kid.

So if you're going to go hiking around in the past, perhaps you should tread lightly.

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Robt said...

Just want to note the appropriateness of my local paper.
When it printed the very same Obit written by Adam Bernstein (for the Kraut).

Right along side kraut's Obit was another Obit that read;

Koko, gorilla who learned sign language, dies at age 46.

With the nice few words written in Koko's behalf.

What more can you say for Koko having to share the Obit headline with the likes of Kraut.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

On the other hand, Noah, continue trip-toeing through those member-berry tulips and encounter a few more historical landmines... you're fun to watch and you don't use your feet correctly, anyway. Noah? Noah?

ziply said...

Even if he's not the best reader, Noah believes the Iraq War is something for which people should be blamed. That's a start.

RUKidding said...

Why is Noah Pollak upset about Krauthammer being remembered for one of his signature acts? Isn't that what obituaries are for?

Why is Noah Pollak upset that his apparent hero, Krauthammer, was involved in crafting the invasion of Iraq?

I thought all of these "muscular foreign policy" types on the right loved 'em some War on Eye-rack? Whatsa matter now? Is Pollak attempting to tippy toe away from that frickin' costly deadly disaster NOW?

Too little too late with your weasel words, Pollak. Confront reality squarely in the face. Your hero did exactly what the obit says. If you regret that now, take your own personal responsibility for changing your mind, rather than attempting to deflect blame on the obit writer (who just told the truth).