Thursday, May 10, 2018

Today In Both Sides Do It: S,E. Cupp

On her way to a well-earned obscurity, the 2005 CPAC "It" Girl continues to cover herself in her usual glory:

For the benefit of future generations, we should make clear that Ms. Cupp is referring to the comments made by a Republican hack on Fox News and comments made by a Special Assistant to the Republican President.

We should also make clear that Ms. Cupp is a paid Republican teevee pundit person who clearly does not have the slightest fucking clue what the words "we" or "us" actually mean.

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Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Poor Ms. Cupp. She was the one who had to teach Republicans not to say things like "legitimate rape" out loud...

...but like the Island of Doctor Moreau, the animals can't help reverting to being animals.

Be seeing you.

Robt said...

And here I thought SE Cupp was a bra size???

Now you know why Johnny Maverick did not invite Trump to his Funeral.

It doesn't bother republicans. Never has. Fact is Reagan's death provided them a drama theater Named the Reagan Library. A crash pad for wayward drunken republicans.
At the end, Johnny Maverick rides off into the sunset showing remorse. Obama will give a respectful eulogy even though I kept putting that paper bag of shit on his porch. Lighting it on fire (at night). Ringing the doorbell and running off. Yes, it is true. Obama will do more than oblige him and his family.
McCain became a liberal for losing the RNC presidency to a black man. From what I recall, McCain was the only republican in the solar system that did not repeat the hateful party line. Which they do now at Johnny republican Maverick.

At campaign rally;

Back of messy haired woman's head said; I can't trust him. He, he he, he's an Arab. (into the mic).

Republican presidential nominee (McCainn; Taking the Mic politely away from the messy haired woman. "no, No Maam. He is a decent american family man. Who I am running against because I have policy disagreements with him.

This part in McCain's life I will fondly remember him by and the Keating 5 involvement will fade.

McCain's flamboyant "thumbs down" no vote in front of the cameras. For Trump to be able to get a good view. To know Johnny Maverick stuck it to Trump for Donny's comment of liking soldiers that didn't get captured. Which Donny espoused after 5 Vietnam war deferments with Cheney.
That bone spur perch of perfect health Trumpy bellows nothing but now.
One campaign promise of repealing health care Donny wasn't able to keep because of Johnny Maverick's thums down.
By the way, I hear The 5 deferment Vietnam war hero Dick, Ceney didn't get his invite.

I have heard many folks say, as they get older they get more conservative.

Seems to me, Johnny is rebuking and regretting some of his conservatism at the end of the line.

Chris Jones said...

Question: has anyone else noticed that it appears David Brooks' last two NY Times columns do not have comments? Has he grown so tired of being savaged that he asked to have them disabled? Just curious.

RUKidding said...

I don't have much time for McCain, but it is regrettable to witness how he's being treated at the end of his life. However, how he's being treated now is pretty much how HIS Trumplican party has consistently treated Democratic pols like the swift boating of John Kerry (not my favorite pol, but he DID serve HONORABLY in VN), or the Osama bin Ladin-izing of Max Cleland (yet another VN War here/vet).

Where was McCain when these slings and arrows were happening to McCain's fellow Vets? I don't really recall him saying much of anything.

McCain and his Trumplican party have always been a pack of shitholes, make no mistake. And all of the crime, corruption, graft, dirty-dealing, name calling and so forth that've come to light right now are nothing more or less than what's been going on forever, but most especially so since the days of Milhouse Nixon and his dirty crew who're still running the show.

Gah. Talk about disgusting. Now the Trumplican Party is dragging out known criminals and low life scum sucking bottom dwellers like Oliver North and Darth Cheney to "lecture" us rubes about something or other. PTOUI!

The Trumplicans, themselves, are truly deplorable and irredeamable. Get out the Vote for the Democratic party, as flawed and dumb and often worthless as they are. Otherwise, we are really really really screwed.


dinthebeast said...

They should be more careful about saying "It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway", as that could also be said about Fox's audience.

-Doug in Oakland