Friday, May 11, 2018

Oleaginous and Other Stories

Honestly, if our Elite Media is now actually going to be handing out Medals of Valiancy to the mortal remains of George Will for writing an op-ed column in the voice of every Liberal blogger since 2002 --

-- and using the word "Oleaginous" correctly --

-- I hereby submit my voucher to our Elite Media for five Medals of Valiancy or their cash equivalent:

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Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

Oleaginous? Congratulations. You're the Architect. :)

Be seeing you.

dinthebeast said...

This is wingnut affirmative action in that it is only remarkable because it was written by a wingnut and not, say, any random seventh grader.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

The accolades bestowed to George Will's feeble attempt to be a relevant republican standard bearer can only be exceeded by the unpacking of the bullshit from the elephants ass........!

The once GOP crown jewel of the GOP's ideology waned to Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand fictional Bible which George enabled. The principal that only a republican can be a "Unity President". While VP Cheney indulged in the places the sun does not shine. Cheney who only had lost his power as the real unitary president only once. Up until Trump pardoned Scooter Libby on the grounds that Trump "heard" things that Scooter was wronged. No indifference that Americans were wronged by Scooter.
Did the George GOP Oracle not see the direction of his Jerry Falwell white supremacists unite rising? Or was it more that the Citizens United allowed for every billionaire with only self concerns that would include initiating the vile unrest of those forgotten KKK, and good NAZIS.

"Better to "rule in hell is better to serve in Heaven".
"But first, a powerful vile billionaire(s) must create his hell to rule".

George Will is simply one more guy that felt he was superior in building a ideology the most simpletons could point on the road map and show the dead end over the cliff of anarchy.
Yet, no one is superior enough as the GOP chosen (as Will), to be heard.

George will sees too much of Mike Pence in himself. Would Will be better served if Sarah Palin was VP?

And it disgusts him. George now just beginning to find that their is no seat at the end of times table for him in the ideology cult he so dearly with eloquent words defended and promoted. The vile. lies, hate and demonizing of their perceived enemies in the purity maze left him as dinner to his cannibal children.
Why is it, a liberal does not get this air time to speak as George Will?

Ask Mike Schmidt, I guess?
I have concerns about the lack of speaking up and out to the likes of the robotic mumbo Gumbo Hewitt and his ilk spew. A responsible EPA would be on the vile contamination of the Hewitts.

So, is Pence worse that Cheney as VPs? Well worth unpacking that out of the elephants ass but, some other time. maybe when the bubonic plague infected rats aren't swimming to the life boats.
And even as George Will himself is unaware. after making it to his life boat. He is a plague carrier and continues to spread the plague that sunk his ship and forced him to the first thing that floated.

Will like Brooks and others, wear their Bubonic Masks well.

dave said...

i suppose the enemy of my enemy is my friend but not unconditionally. george will pines for the civility of 'putting fear and hate to serve greed' back in it's genie bottle. to produce it in soothing elevator music tones in a measured drip, drip from the IV to serve his elected avatars.

he has been a sad little bent intellectual because the horses that have pulled his cart since the sixties has changed direction, has become unreliable. the minute the republican party regains the reins the whip and the carrots then we will go back to his mission. keeping the hoopleheads at a slow flame so he can make his greedy little 'S-MORES' in peace. s'more tax cuts, s'more voter suppression, s'more white privilege, etc.; you get it...

Robt said...


George will wants us to know the republican agenda of the republican party all along was leading to this. But he was advocating for a more educated and enlightened John Birch white supremacy society of proper etiquette.

The forgotten coal miner turns out to be secret code for Forgotten white supremacists. George Will only spoke to the wealthier white supremacists. He sees the lower income/ less educated white supremacists so rude, crude and unworthy.
In other words, they prefer to listen to Alex Jones than he.