Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Meanwhile, in Illinois ...


... Governor Hedgefund is now apparently running for Winnetka village trustee.

I mean, he must be.

Because while shit like this --
-- plays very well among his wealthy North Shore neighbors who hate Chicago, love tax cuts, are "concerned" about "the blacks" but also want to make sure their darling little Harpers and Imogenes have legal access to the best family planning care money can buy should they show up one day pregnant by some gardener or stable boy...

...the Teabagger Caucus who now make up the majority the Illinois Republican Party are definitely not cool with it.

Soon-to-be-not-a-state-senator Sam McCann expresses the sentiment of many Illinois wingnuts:
While representing the men and women of the 50th District has been one of the great honors and privileges of my life, it is clear that the Illinois Republican Party, including several of the county party organizations, has lost its way under Governor Rauner. I am unable to continue on with a party or a governor who continually attack working people; who support forcing taxpayers to fund abortions; who have turned Illinois into a sanctuary state; who have advanced the most liberal standards in the nation giving transgender individuals the ability to alter their birth certificates; and who have destroyed Illinois’ Right of Conscience Act so as to force pro-life doctors, nurses and other providers to violate their consciences and be denied their Constitutional Rights. This is no longer a Republican Party that is recognizable to me...
I have to say, this is hilarious to watch.  On the one hand, the meatheads are in a tizzy.  On the other hand, most of the meatheads' Republican elected representatives depend on allowance money from Governor Hedgefund to finance their political futures.

It's the best and cheapest show in town.

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