Monday, November 13, 2017

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

Ladies and gentlemen, ABC News' chief political analyst!

I'm not gonna lie. "Matthew Dowd playing dumb" is the funniest Matthew Dowd of all.

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Andrew Johnston said...

There are a very small number of skills one needs to be a talking head, of which three are paramount. First, one must have the judgment to never punch back at anyone who might be a source for a job or contract one day.

Second, one must have the discretion to ignore any and all ill deeds until such a time that one can declare that Both Sides Do It.

And third, one much have the sheer willpower to instantly forget everything that's happened the moment that anything changes on the ground.

By practicing these arts, one can unravel the mysteries of the media and learn the skill of Being Never Wrong Even As Being Always Wrong.

Robt said...

Dowd makes mockery of the responsibility of voting.

Choice #1 Vote for a Fascist or vote for the one that is not a Fascist?

Like my ring worm US Senator who stated after the election,

I could not vote for Trump.

When the press asked further he responded,
"I voted for Mike Pence"

The problem with this childish display of an unqualified senator to make hard decisions and perform homework to make said decisions.

On the ballot in this state was the choice of two tickets.

He could not have voted Pence alone as he playfully announces.

The Presidential ticket in this state on the GOP side;
Tor President
Donie Trump president
Mike Pence VP____ One box. You voted Pence after voting top of ticket for Trump.
He lied to hold on to some iota of cred.
Like most of the GOP hace learned to goose step for Trump.

Dowd is still confused and ashamed he voted for Trump and looks everywhere but within himself to get his sanity and credibility back in the eyes of everyone else.
First Dowd must admit to himself. Then to others. Then figure out how to change his destructive behavior. Atoning and making amends to others harmed and disturbed by his actions would be a good start.

Because Mike Pence and the neither person he voted for that won. Is on foreign land meeting with Putin. Telling Americans on Veterans day that Putin told him he is a innocent lamb blamed by a liberal American conspiracy. The President of the USA tells America, "he believes Putin over Americans"

happy Veterans day Dowd, Thanks for your service. Now pay more in taxes so the wealthy and corporations can get tax cuts. Oh your patriotic duty will be to repay the loan from China with interests so we can each the cash so the checks to the wealthy will not bounce.

Like to say thanks for your right wing hate radio service to VP Mike Pence and the great extraordinary vetting of Mike Flynn.
Mr VP, you are a true patriot and Putin would like to give you the Russian medal of friendship .

other than this bright spot, everything else is in multiple levels of dire mode.
Notice Dowd addressing the past, attempting to alter the present perception.

has the Dowd graced us with his opine on Roy Moore should step aside if he is willing to admit his wrongs in life?

dinthebeast said...

"But, but, but, there were other choices!"

No, Matt, there were two choices, and multiple ways to make one of them.

-Doug in Oakland

Lit3Bolt said...

Are major media outlets simply just filled with Bokononist priests?

"Busy, busy, busy," whispered Matthew Dowd, as he wrote another Both Sides Are Equally Bad column after calling a Democrat the only choice in a race.

BongoShaftsbury1 said...

Again, you're negating an entirely true, non both-sider comment Dowd made about the upcoming Alabama election by citing a wrongheaded justification for why he didn't vote for Clinton.
Do you grab your cat by the scruff of its neck when it's about to use the litter box and rub their nose in the carpet stain from last year?

Robt said...

Lets have a generic vote

For president
A) A Fascist B) Not a fascist

Vote for Senate

A) religious zealot pedophile B) a successful prosecutor of a KKK murderer.

Issue vote;
choice A
To raise the national debt, Cut taxes while in debt. Borrow money and pay back w/interest so the checks the Government sends out to the very wealthy. Will not bounce.

Choice B
No on tax cuts, raising debt and borrowing more. Straighten out American issues , spend thrifty and pay down debt before tax cuts.

Why not tell wealthy tax recipients, No on tax cuts and offer "Thoughts and Prayers" instead?

dinthebeast said...

"...negating an entirely true..."

Nope. Not "entirely true" as there is indeed a third party candidate running who has every bit as much chance of winning as the non-duopoly candidates that Mr. Dowd claims to have voted for last year.

-Doug in Oakland

BongoShaftsbury1 said...

What Dowd said about the Alabama election IS entirely true. Those are the only two viable choices.
What Dowd didn't acknowledge about how he voted in 2016 is that Clinton was the only viable non-Trump choice.