Wednesday, October 25, 2017

America's Sad Clown of Centrism Still Does Not Know How To Spell "Republican"

No, Mr. Fournier.

This is not a "we" problem.

This is a "Republicans and their craven media enablers" problem.

This is a "You" problem.

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Robt said...

A simple challenge to Ronny F.

For a 2 week period. Will 2 to 3 times a day use exclusively the Daily Stormer, Breitbart and Hew Hewitt for written news source.
For the same period of time, exclusively view only FOX and Infowars for audio and video news sources only.

Do this for 2 weeks and then you can discuss the republican party and its virtues. Or make attempts to bothsiderisms.

Until then "little tin ear Ronnie" your not worth the verbs and nouns you attempt to put together in hopes of having meaning and accuracy.

Robt said...

Hey Ron,

Want to hear something funny.

I called my little brain celled amoeba friend Devin Nunes and joke with him about why doesn't someone investigate HRC and Uranium.

I told him I was stoned on the phone when I spoke to him.
So when I heard he is opening up that very investigation. Well I busted out laughing.

Nunes said, Paul Ryan is so dumb and wrapped up into himself. Competing with Trump a;; the time. Ryan will never notice or catch on how much tax dollars I spend on this investigation. Nor will he ever catch on.