Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Well, Hello Mr. Fancypants

I got news for you, pal — you ain't leadin' but two things right now: Jack and shit. And Jack left town." —Bruce Campbell, Army of Darkness

Last week, The New York Times paid Mr. David Brooks -- America's Most Ubiquitous Conservative Public Intellectual -- real American money to write an entire column parsing what "cool" meant.
How Cool Works in America Today  
The cool person is...
This week, The New York Times pays Mr. Brooks even more real American money to spend an entire column explaining "manliness".
Before Manliness Lost Its Virtue
Uh, no.


Bruce.desertrat said...

Nope, nuh-uh, not gonna get me off the boat to look at those 'columns'.

Last time I got off the boat to a read a Bobo column I ran into a tiger.

It begged me to take it with me or kill it and put i out of it's misery...

RUKidding said...

Oh please! I, too, refuse to sully my eyes & brain with what appears to be pernicious pandering nonsense. This just buys into the bullshit narrative that Vagina Clinton as POTUS would immediately use her super secret powers to emasculate every single US male, most especially those voting for Trump. All those SJWs ruining the very lives of manly, abusive, bullying Trump True HE-Man voters.

I wish these whining little girly-men, like Bobo, would get their shit together and stop blaming all of their inadequacies on women and/or Libruls. As in: Man Up, and STFU.

Wasn't there are time when manly men didn't talk and talk and whine and vetch and cry and complain and whimper and boo hoo about how their very manly beings were under attack constantly mainly by evil nasty libtarded feminazis and perfidies of so-called Political Correctness, which is just so so very oppressive to these delicate flowers of supposed manhood??

I so very wish we could go back to those days.

Trump voters need to get back to: WWJWD? (John Wayne)

John said...

God, the most annoying thing about the right is the constant military jock sniffing.

And McCain has been an asshole since his fellow students dubbed him John McNasty in high school. Graduating at the bottom of his class, he went on in training to destroy two zillion dollar jets (and was still allowed to fly...go figure); and he got shot down in Vietnam because he was disobeying orders.

And now he grandstands while millions fear loss of their health insurance.

It's awful what he suffered in Vietnam, and no human deserves that treatment, but, as been said by others, it ain't like the Vietnamese came to Arizona and dragged him out of bed to imprison them. He was bombing them...with glee and abandon.

John said...

Oh, and let's not forget how he promptly divorced his wife who had stood by him for years after he got home from Vietnam because she had cancer and gotten ugly so that he could marry a beauty-queen heiress. Now that's manly behavior if I ever saw it!

I guess that was a practice session for endangering us with Sarah Palin.

trgahan said...

I also won't read a manliness column from a sniveling, whiny, privileged, servant of power who, when not writing Its-Ok-To-Be-Greedy-And-Self-Centered! bullshit Whig philosophy, uses his column to tone police anyone who does exhibit the conservative interpretation of "manliness" by speaking truth to power(especially if the speaker is brown person (read his Coates book review) or a women (read his Women's March column)).

dinthebeast said...

As someone who grew up around bikers, I would like to say that DFB wouldn't know "manly" if it bit him on his lily-white ass.

-Doug in Oakland

Chan Kobun said...

We need less "manliness". That shit's what got us here in the first goddamn place.

Thomas Ten Bears said...

Did Bobo just come out of the closet?

Lawrence said...

@Ten Bears
Does marrying a woman young enough to be his daughter who also has that sporty SUV set look he wrote about in BoBos In Paradise count? Seriously, the baby strollers and some other details from the sandwich column are recycled from that book.

banker puppy said...

To all who refuse to read DFB--I hear you. Still, the line about the Trump WH teeming with "thrusting masculinity" is hilarious.
But if I were his Ancient World History teacher from high school, I'd give him a retroactive F. His description of the classical Greek "manly man" is classic Brooks--two or three factoids surrounded with the Brooksian goo that fills his arrogant, authoritarian, mansplaning, class-conscious but largely friendless bubble of existence.
He claims we're in a "crisis of masculinity." Poor dear, his brain would probably explode if he were to go back to high school.