Thursday, March 02, 2017

Who Knew That "Carter Page" Was Russian For "Don Segretti"?


Robt said...

Let me ask,

If you lived across the street and a few states over from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.. One day you step outside and happen to look across the way at that big old white house .

First thing you notice is all this smoke billowing out from several areas of the house. Realize it isn't normal.
As you peek closer at the front window that has its drapes closed. You see this flickering red/ orange/ yellowish light from inside through the drapes.

What do you do?

*Call the ASPCA?

* Get your mail and go back inside?

*Look around for Putin?

*Write your congressman?

*Call the fire department?

* Take that vacation to Colorado before the fascist federalists raid the


Robt said...

I hear Roger Stone has a large tattoo of Nixon on his back.

Makes you wonder of Carter Paige.

Did he go with the classic Dick Cheney Tat or the more provocative Putin on horseback and shirtless Tat.??

dinthebeast said...

What a slimy reptile. This whole administration is coated with slime.

-Doug in Oakland