Friday, March 03, 2017

Guaranteed To Make You Smile


Jimbo said...

The guy sitting next to Dick looks like a dead ringer for him 50 years ago. I wonder if they're related; a grandson maybe? Either that or a remarkable coincidence. But, yeah, I hope I look half that good at 80 never mind 90. Good guy. (I saw the movie as a child and thought it was terrible but it was otherwise popular.)

RUKidding said...

Dick Van Dyke looks, sounds, acts so youthful. I heard him on the radio last year, where he also sang and talked and joked. Such youthful energy. He credits his much younger wife for that, so maybe there's something to it.

Especially given that he had a very bad alcohol addiction problem several decades ago, he's quite amazing and looks incredibly healthy and energetic.

I, too, can only hope that I do half as well at the same age. That would still be something. Good for Dick!

Thanks for something pleasant and uplifiting! Happy Friday everyone.

Davis Statton said...

Wow. That is not an easy song at any age. I don't think he missed a syllable. He was also great physical comedian. Made me laugh without saying a word.