Thursday, February 16, 2017

More Trouble on Purity Mountain

The Spleenwald Horde Hat-trick: Breitbart...reporting on Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald taking turns pissing on the Democrats ... on Fox "News":

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Susan Sarandon.  (From the Daily Beast):
“Do you feel like you properly appreciated what a Donald Trump presidency would be?” Hayes asked her.

“I think that I absolutely feel that talking about blaming people for what happened is really wasting your time and energy,” Sarandon replied. “Because what we have now is a populous that is awake.”

She went on to say that Trump is “so clumsy and so bad” at putting policy together that “now everyone is awake.” She insisted that she’s not in favor of a “revolution” brought on by Trump’s misdeeds instead of the one we could have had with Sanders in office. To the people that would “attack” her for her statements, she asked, “Really? That’s where we want to spend our time and energy?”

Sarandon sat stone-faced when Hayes pointed out that the “status quo” she feared may have just gotten “much, much worse.” For instance, he said, the head of Exxon is the secretary of State. 
“Could you look me in the eyes, both of you, and say, ‘Yes, 24 days into the Trump administration, this is about what I expected it would be?’” Hayes asked. “A better question might have been, ‘Do you really think Hillary Clinton would have been worse?’”

“What is the point of even saying that?” Sarandon shot back...
Pro Tip Mr. Hayes:  You cannot invite "Muffin the World-Famous Carpet-Shitting Pony" onto your teevee show and then feign surprise when Muffin shits on the carpet.


BW said...

"Where's your leverage for environmental protection now, Susan?"

Davis Statton said...

Hey, I'm still pissed off about the left allowing Nixon to win in 1968. Lots of Cambodians would be pissed off, too, if they were still alive.

trgahan said...

“What is the point of even saying that?”

Susan is clearly not a serious person. Please ignore.

While the Kleptocrat-Apologist-In-Liberal-Purity-Clothing is correct about the Democratic Party being weak right now, he is absolutely the last person to listen to about it...largely because he is one of many media people being paid to weaken it.

Unknown said...

Hey, I'm still pissed off about FDR dumping Wallace from the ticket in '44 in favor of the anti-Communist hysteric, machine hack Truman. None of this would be happening if Henry Wallace had become President.

Jason said...

I'm sick of the purity people on the left. Maybe I'm just old enough to be cynical because I remember when I had a personal purity policy. It was the hopeful but ultimately pathetic and doomed election of 'o4 and my Bernie was Howard Dean. The scream heard around the world ended his campaign (something so benign these days it makes one shake their head at how it doomed the candidate). Bush thoroughly charged me up full o' righteousness. I wanted change and fully expected Obama to take it to the morally and politically bankrupt republicans. What we got instead was 8 years of centrist policies that did little to reverse the crap GW enacted. But hey, he was cool and we did shift health care into something reasonably better than it had been before. Still, the Republicans deserved to be punished for all their bullsh-t during GW's crisis, illegal wars, record deficits...but no. They got away with it. All of it. With the gerrymandering tricks of 2010 and the mainstream media enabling them, the right wing as-holes got to pile it on even thicker. But, but, but...Hillary's private email server...and the mild sketchy optics of the Clinton Foundation...and Benghaaazi!...and she's the most crooked politician EVAH!!!..and on and on..bunch of horrible nonsense. At the end of the day, we live in a world where people are affected by policies. You vote out of purity and it's on YOU when a Donald Trump goes kendo psycho on the country and the world. F-ck Glen Greenwald. F-ck Susan Sarandon and F-ck all the left leaning Clinton haters who bought the farm on the BS spewed about Hillary. This presidency is your fault. As-holes.

Robt said...

Susan's zeal during the primary was commendable. I too favored Sanders.

But just as my choice changed with the General election. Hers did not.

Susan will not feel any f the effects of Trump and the FOP congressional majorities with her economic affluence alone.
Defunding Planned Parenthood, tax cuts, privatizing Medicare will not even make her itch.
Overturning Roe V Wade, people of Susan's wealth will just fly to another country to get'er done.
I don't begrudge Susan's spirit. But what is actually on the line that she will endure in reality is not a reasonable battle cry from her to expect and influence of those not in her position.
I have no idea of the Susan devoted followers that she would influence people to vote. There are some to be sure. Especially during the primary where she and I seemed to want the same thing.
I do know that in the general election she swayed me little. I blame critical thinking for it. I guess it is a curse. said...

I think of all those ICE raids, families broken up. I don't think Sarandon and Stein voters made the difference. But her public speaking & repetition of Republican anti-Clinton memes suppressed Clinton's vote.