Saturday, February 04, 2017

Matthew Dowd and The Specter of the Derp

Apparently the delusions of ABC News' chief political analyst have grown so detached from reality that he believes the Republican Party as it actually exists (and as it actually existed a few years ago when they were paying him to help get President Cheney re-elected) is really just some fantasy invented by the Melkotians.

And if we all just refuse to believe in them hard enough,,,,

Matthew Dowd remains a fundamentally ridiculous person.


bowtiejack said...

So, if we not believe both sides . . .

Mark Dobrowolski said...

Integrity?!, the administration needs integrity. These people (with the exception of the generals) are Businessmen! There are efficient at only one thing, making a profit (primarily for themselves). In their world integrity is a marketing term!

Robt said...

It was the second coming of the spirit of Rod Serling of Twilight Zone fame.

It is going to take more than the Vulcan mind meld to convince me we are going to be alright.

It won't be long (as things are headed). I could begin to relish the good old days of being back in Iraq during the war.

I imagine Trump could take credit for me fondly looking back to that desperate time with such fonddness compared to what Trump prescribes as my great American again.

Robt said...

Matthew Dowd ✔ @matthewjdowd
Folks: i don't believe Trump voters or GOP voters or Dem voters are the problem. The problem is we need leadership that embraces integrity.

We had leadership that not only embraced integrity. He provided a lot of it.

That President was Barack Obama.

matthew, he displayed it so much. That you and your cohorts developed fake news to prove to people that he was not perfect and was capable of doings some wrong. Not intentional mind you.

So Dowd, you joined up with the republican brotherhood and carried their buckets of liquid fake news to lower the president down a peg. Because you felt some folks thought him to be perfect. That it was "Dowd's Duty" to slap these ObamaBots with fake news.

Not once did I read a story from Dowd over the hunting of the republican party when they have congressional pwer. Like Ben- gazzara. How many final reports that cleared HRC of evil doings?
I don't recall the Down chronicles of the trail of republican fears and tears othat drove them into persecuting through congressional GOP campaigning by investigations of naughtiness on the Obama Adm's part.

Right now, Rep. Reupb jason Chaffetz has grabbed the megaphone and is declaring their will be NO, NOne investigations of Trump. No matter what.
As Chairman of the House committee that does these sort of hunting safaris.
there is nothing as far as good ole jason is concern that will ever be investigated that could blemish his republican Brotherhood.
But Dowd, You spend time whining of other people to get over something or another that makes you feel somehow better?
How about reporting on the things the Republican Brotherhood does in Congress.?
Aren't they looking up to the entire GOP with perfection. Shouldn't you bring their messiah down a peg at least to sainthood?
It doesn't seem to bother Dowd. Like FOX who doesn't seem to care anymore when a military mission goes bad because of lazy 5 deferment war heroes calling the shots. And have the nerve to blame the prior president for his poor oversight and making a rotten call that cost lives.
Like Cheney Said, "So what"