Friday, January 27, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #373

"Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up."  

-- Robert Frost, writer



Robt said...

WAny failures on the shoulders of Dem congressionals is that they oblige all the GOP obstruction. compromise to allow GOP poison pill amendments.
As the Rubio defunding of the ACA High risk corridor funding amendment in the budget.

And prices on insurance goes up. GOP shouts ACA failure.

But voters spoke. If you are a Dem Senator in Penn. where Trump won the state.

It may not mean becoming a Trump puppet by how do they justify to their constituents any opposition to Their state Trump votes.?
What Dems have done over the years that blame can be set on their doorstep. They would not compete. The GOP is on AM radio exclusively 24/7. the FOX GOP channel only gets justified by other networks. FOX promotes the Becks, Rushbos, Alex Jones, and the Breitbart's.
Dems leaves thirsty people in the desert to fall prey to mirages of water. Thirty as they are, they will drink the mirage sand in place of water (accepting fake news/ alternative facts).

Most seen the more reliable network news defend the fakery news of FOX. Now FOX and the masses of Breitbart's are ready to give a lobotomy to those networks what defended them. And if the lobotomy fails. The crematory is on retainer.

I am still back to responsibility of voters.
I swear, maybe if more Americans freed their minds more asses would follow.

I say Drug treatment for our population. Put the LSD in the water supply. At least they wouldn't need to Opioid constipation poop pill. Because the poopy head conservatives are in dire need of pooping.

I think you have part of Brooks wrong in his "mansplaining". It is more like adolescent-spaining. It doesn't seem he developed adequately into manhood in relationships with actual humans to address that in which he only attempts.

Brooks' sheltered life of secret private conservative training seminars (brought to him by Koch Industries). In more than my belief, is not the pillar of any advice that can be applied in life. Or what we now must clarify in word speak as "Real" life. Just because of one of the early pioneers of Alternative facts, DFB himself.
he is in a place he cannot differentiate the difference.

Robt said...

A challenge to DG (if you dare) .

Besides DFB;s ex wife who has taken the Advice of her then husband DFB. In all his columnistic Waco Juice of ideology to live by. Took all his trinkets of written mental abstract life reflecting botuse art and applied it to her divorce from DFB.

Not counting her.

Who is it that has taken DFB's Narnia chronicles of life to live by. And either is still alive or not permanently committed to an Asylum?

Does that person exist?

Or is it like the exclude elusive person Trump says he talks to and they told him _____. He is right. Like Torture.
No you can't send me out to ask a cabby............