Monday, January 23, 2017

If You Have Something Terribly Important to Say to the EPA...

...I'd suggest you say it now.

Dribbled directly from the mouth of Propaganda Barbie an anonymous source into the lap of Mike "Payola Is Such A Disagreeable Word" Allen:

The 1 thing: Trump's first acts

We have been leaked a list of the top executive order priorities for the Trump administration. The Trump folks wanted to get these done immediately, but our Jonathan Swan is told the process is proving to be a little slower than some might have whimsically thought. Trump's team is working to clear the actions through legal counsel to get language right.

One of our best-wired GOP sources says Trump's early executive orders speak volumes about what to expect from his presidency. "What Peggy Noonan wrote about the inaugural speech was exactly right," our source says. "There will be not a shred of difference between campaign rhetoric and how he plans on governing."

​2. Big plans for EPA

Super Swan got his hands on the Trump team's "Agency Action" plan for the EPA. It's a tightly-held document that fleshes out Trump's campaign promises to gut the agency. It's the handiwork of Myron Ebell, director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Center for Energy and Environment. Trump appointed Ebell, a prominent opponent of climate change activists, to lead the EPA transition.

Our takeaway: Environmental Protection Agency is set for an absolute hammering under Trump.

The deets:

—"Potential opportunities for budget reductions": A category that includes $513 million in cuts to the "states and tribal assistance grants" … $193 million in savings from terminating climate programs … $109 million in savings from "environment programs and management."
  • Listed as initiatives to stop: "Clean Air Act greenhouse gas regulations for new (NSPS) and existing (ESPS or the 'Clean Power' Plan) coal and natural gas power plants … [CAFE] Standards … Clean Water Section 404: Waters of the U.S. Rule (wetlands) … TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) for Chesapeake Bay.
  • "Key opportunities": "Issue an executive order barring EPA from overruling federal/state regulatory/permit decisions unless in clear violation of established law."
  • Changing the way the EPA uses science: "Unless major reforms of the agency's use of science and economics are achieved, EPA will be able to return to its bad old ways as soon as an establishment administration takes office."

Sixty-three million of our neighbors voted for this.

And seven million of our neighbors chose to tantrum-piss away their votes rather than stand against this.

We should really find just the right way to thank them.


Robt said...

Ever since the EPA went on its communist rampage on Americans.

It forced me into spending money and inconveniencing me to no end.

I won't have to pay the city thieves a dime for garbage collection.
I will be able to just dump my trash anywhere on the side of a road or in front of your house. Exercising my freedom.

*The money I will save on water from flushing my toilet and time and detergents for cleaning said toilets will help me put money into the HSa I will be required to use for future health problems.
And I get to shit with the dog on my neighbor's lawn. Never cared much for that neighbor anyways.

*No longer burdened with saving used oil from my auto oil changes to dispose. Just pour it right down the storm drain. Like Grandpappy did in the Good Old Days when men were men and pussies got grabbed by these men.
Just think of the tax breaks to the rich businesses. All the savings they will have and of coarse pass some of that savings on to consumers and its employee wages.
It will all trickle down.......
And it doesn't worry me because Trump made promises.
So I won't be here at the bottom where all this Trickle Down ends up.

matter of fact, we are all going to be millionaires soon.

Green Eagle said...

Not all of us. Just the white ones.

ervin williams said...

Many of you'r states have laws to protect citizen's from people them that threaten their lives,stand you'r ground comes to mind.poisoning you're air or water kill's just as sure as a bullet,only slower.

Hubert Vale said...

How about throwing them an anchor when the flood waters are at neck level?

ervin williams said...

thanks for a face in the crowd,i watched that instead of donny's bullshit show .

trgahan said...
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trgahan said...

I revise my comment.

Here is a good summary of what lies ahead for Herr Dumpf is his crusade against another conservative bogyman that is never meant to be defeated because it wins elections: Regulation.

The EPA will get hammered in some aspects but concerning canceling regulations and rule making a lot of what Trump is going to do will just be posturing and window-dressing/red meat to his 63 million rubes who will be too busy applauding sticking it to us liberals to notice Trump's people picking their pockets or that none of the coal mines reopen.

Jimbo said...

trgahan's reference is an important one, especially noting that arbitrary and capricious revoking of regulations a) cannot avoid the whole APA process and b) cannot be used just because you don't like the regulation (lack of sufficient justification). Especially on water, Pruitt is going to run into a buzz saw of lawsuits and other litigation. Another buzz saw: that whole category of "states and tribal assistance grants", those are going to states that need help with investments and are just as popular with red state governors as blue state ones. So yeah, the Dump and Dense Administration will implement a whole bunch of EOs that are popular with industry fat cats but it will take a lot of time and I can just see the beleaguered EPA employees deciding to "work to rule" as the Brits say.

trgahan said...

A shorter version is Trump's "orders" will be another "Carrier job save" in which the media will praise him for "leading", some right wing crack pot like Murray of Murray Energy will claim it immediately saved/created jobs, and the brown shirts will constantly cite it as liberals point to references like I cited.

Robt said...

There have been a lot of "down with regss in farmlands. The rural GOP voters for the most.
Farming and raising ag animals has it's de regulation dilemmas.
A Cattle ranch that pollutes the river water upstream whine more about clean water regulations more than those down river. EPA for instance regulates how far away cattle can be places near water ways. To keep the cattle excrements from the waters used down stream by other cattle that needs to drink it or to irrigate farm land without diseased watering of the crops.

They still complain these regulations are too burdensome and want them gone. Once they're gone. They might remember why the regs were put in place to begin with. Not to worry about the farm and ranchers businesses. Taxpayers will bail them out when the shit hits the waters and contaminates their ag products.
As for poisoned fish or dead fish and the birds and other critters that are in the circle of life foods.
Well those freedom loving fisher guys. They won't have to get a fishing permit and they to just pick the dead fish out of the river.

Mmmmmmmm good.

dinthebeast said...

Plus they're all connected. The salmon fishermen throw a fit every time their season gets changed around because the fish counts on the streams where salmon spawn were low the year before, and the loggers who work around those streams throw a fit every time they get told that they can't fuck those streams up any more, but they both agree that liberals are just trying to take away their ways of life, which if left to their own devices they would have already destroyed.
Or at least that's how it came down where I come from.

-Doug in Oakland

Jason said...

Wait...something Peggy Noonan said is right?!