Sunday, January 29, 2017

Enough Gummint Stuff

I gotta go Tweet now.

In addition to strong women, brown people, math, history, military service, the written word, science, the EPA, the USDA, the National Park Service, Putin, his tax records and his own illegitimacy, it turns out there are still more things that President Man-Baby is afraid of.


bowtiejack said...

The Padishah Emperor is NOT afraid of stairs! Or those other things.
Such talk is treason or sharia law or something something.
He is just, uh, careful. And germs. he's not afraid of germs!

June Butler said...

I have acrophobia or bathmophobia, as the London Telegraph describes Trump's affliction, and I sometimes panic on stairs or heights and will grab hold of anything or anyone nearby. If I don't, I may fall; it has happened. Once, when we were held up on the stairs waiting to board a ferry, I began to feel panic, and I grabbed onto the shoulders of a friend in front of me. My friend has a phobia about sudden touch, and he panicked. When personal panics collide, it It is fortunate that Ms May doesn't have a sudden touch phobia.

Robt said...

I thought Bannon told the NYT to shut up?

Only Bannon approved media outlets are now legal to consume.

Anyone caught defying Bannon (I mean the law) better beware..

Trump to sign Executive Tweet Order regarding this to commemorate free speech day.

This will be in effect until Plutonium is accessible for authorities.

stratocruiser said...

He was probably hustling Ms. May
It's the old "See me being vulnerable. Help me" ploy

Patrick D said...

Now thats a doughy pant load...

tony in san diego said...

Remember the escalator entrance when he announced his candidacy?

Ian said...

In all fairness, and believe you me I abhor ill douche, many people have irrational fears. I do not hold this against him. I am afraid of ski lifts. Hights don't bother me, but ski lifts do. Having an irrational fear like this isn't wrong, but sharing it with another world leader is probably a really, really bad idea.

Robt said...

Is Bannon getting council from David Duke?

What of the hurt feelings of INFoWars (Jones)?
Why is the White House press only concerned with reporting on Trump's tender feelings of crowd size. When Breitbart Bannon gets a gig in the White Supremacy house and the Sandy Hook denier is treated so unfairly. I mean Trump hasn't spoken Jones' name or gave him an interview.
last I heard Alex was refused into the WH press Corps. Said he will get a credential from Rupert over at FOXY.
But you have to wonder, might Trump bring back Jeff Gannon?
Gannon not only can ask the prearranged question but can privately entertain (I hear), afterwards to relieve their stress (or pent up closeted hangers).