Saturday, November 19, 2016

This Week In Hippie Punching: George Will

As the open sewer of his depraved ideology finally overflows into the White House, George Will -- America's pearl-clutchingest Conservative human fossil -- rises from his grave once more to finger the real culprit in this election:  them damn teenagers with their damn rock and roll and reefers and speech codes!

Higher education is awash with hysteria. That might have helped elect Trump.

Childishness and intolerance on college campuses embody what’s wrong with American liberalism.
Watching this bitter old pile of dead ideas slowly dry up and blow away on the pages of the Washington Post can be pretty damn entertaining.  And how incredibly fortunate for Mr. Will that Fred Hiatt is willing to spend the Washington Post's good money to provide him with both a steady wingnut welfare check and a "safe space" where he can outgas his childish, intolerant and ridiculous opinions without being pelted with rotten eggs,


Charlesdillon said...

Release the hounds.

Neo Tuxedo said...

One of the ways I'd recognize the Better Universe is that, over there, Playbookgate led to George F. Will being drummed out of punditry forever, relegated to writing about baseball for the Upper Wolf's Ass, MT, Goatfucker-Tribune, and then, when it turned out that baseball was just another of the limitless range of topics on which he knew literally nothing or less, broken down to a washroom attendant at a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and irrevocably committed to the toilet.

June Butler said...

"Many undergraduates, their fawn-like eyes wide with astonishment, are wondering..."

Will's opening words had me laughing out loud. I confess in my very long life, I'd never noticed that undergraduates had fawn-like eyes, but that's just me.

Students who accumulate enormous student loan debt as they pursue their studies are hardly "cosseted", but maybe they don't go to Yale and go to work on Wall St. where they're paid yoooge wages.

And it's downhill from there. How do you read this stuff and stay sane, driftglass?

katty wompus said...

Today's college students are the children of 9/11. Freshmen were 3 years old and grew up in that "all fear all the time" toxic environment.

It's no surprise that so many of them are skittish and looking for some ephemeral "safety".

Your gang built this, George.

Robt said...

To many gated community upper class that send their kids to college. They never had to actually live in the real world of those unworthy. Don't see them flaunting their patriotism in Iraq or afghanistan.
So college and then they can be given the nepotistic job that they can live comfortable. That their parents can point to their superiority and success as a parent.

For George Will, why he thinks what is always wrong is to do with liberals. Not sure if it is a little devil sitting on his shoulder whispering in his ear or he doesn't know of any conservative that goes to college?

I do know he should recall the Beatniks and the rebels without a cause of his day.
But I am sure for will, that is different.

From a conservative that prescribes to an ideology that the young are liberal until they get older. Foolnanery and poppycock............

Exhibit 1, Thomas Jefferson. You may cross examine.....