Monday, November 21, 2016

The Courtiers Come To Collect Their Largess

You just have to love the open contempt for their own profession these moguls of the American free press show by obediently reporting to the Dark Tower for their "off the record" meetings with Il Douche.

A reminder that President-elect Trump and Jeff Zucker (seen here celebrating on election night) --

-- already have a very special relationship. From The Wrap in February, 2016:
How Jeff Zucker Turned Donald Trump From a Reality Star to a Frontrunner

The rise of Donald Trump has stunned almost everyone in the media and political establishment — except for a TV executive who can take more credit for Trump’s media success than almost anyone:

CNN President Jeff Zucker.

Zucker has given Trump so much play on his network — sometimes airing Trump rallies end to end —  that it has shocked some colleagues and media observers. For the once-lagging network, the Trump play has paid off wildly: Its ratings have skyrocketed this election cycle.

As Trump prepares for yet another appearance on CNN — on Thursday’s Republican debate — the symbiotic relationship between the two is a reminder that Trump and Zucker have done this dance before, when Zucker was running NBC and Trump’s “The Apprentice” became a hit for the once-struggling network.
If you have not already given up cable teevee, now would be an excellent time to start.


KaJo said...

I've only used cable TV for watching movies, listening to music, and catching up on local news since November 8th.

Haven't watched CNN since 2008. Never watched Fox News. I could see the way even MSNBC was going, since they swept POC from most hosting positions and forced Keith Olbermann out, but was still hoping for some integrity. Silly me.

Pinku-Sensei said...

"If you have not already given up cable teevee, now would be an excellent time to start."

Between the cable news coverage trying to normalize Trump on cable news, including MSNBC, and the DVR screwing up and missing two nights of shows after Daylight Saving Time ended, my wife finally got fed up with our satellite TV. She figured out how much it would cost to get our favorite shows in other ways (Hulu, Amazon, and HBO Go or its a la carte equivalent), realized we'd save money doing it that way, and bought a Chromecast. We should cut the cord by the end of the month.

As for Keith, I'm glad he's on GQ's YouTube channel. We should feel lucky he's allowed that much access to the public.

trgahan said...

As of today, American citizens are allowed to open palm slap anyone who describes our media as "liberal." It has been bullshit for awhile, but it simply can't allowed in even semi-serious conversation anymore.

Just want exactly do the lords of media, which control large segments of our "free and independent" press, need to discuss with a President-elect Trump (must less any President-elect) off the record?

Cirze said...

I've watched satellite TV through Dish for four years now.

It lets us see news from LINK TV, Free Speech TV (FSTV), and RT (with The Max Keiser/Stacy Herbert Report, Watching the Hawks with Tyrell Ventura & Sean Stone & Tabetha Wallace, Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp, Chris Hedges' On Contact, Thom Hartmann's Big Picture, Ed Harrison's Boom/Bust, SophieCo, Laura Flanders, Democracy NOW, Bill Press' Show, Split Estate, On Thin Ice, Alice Walker, Vandana Shiva, Stephanie Miller, e2 Design by Brad Pitt, Thomas Linzey, Explore - Jihad Education, Americas Now, Both Worlds - Kurdish Youth Speak, DW - European News, Rising Up with Sonali, Earth Trek - Rain Forests in Thailand, Bioneers, Meet the Renegades, and many others) as well as provides access to great news coverage from the channels emanating from France, China, etc.

It's like living in a world of real information (again). Kinda like when Uncle Walter was a trusted source.

But better.

I recommend it to everyone who has finally seen through MSM entertainment programs (not news).

keith gargus said...

I watch only European and Latin American newsfeeds now. None of the American ones, including Public Broadcasting, are to be trusted.

dinthebeast said...

I've never owned a TV, cable or otherwise. If I can't see it on the internet, I haven't seen it.

-Doug in Oakland

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

1. Since I didn't see it on C&L, you heard about Mr. Scarborough, yes?

2. Did you get the "Lex" email I sent?

Be seeing you.

Tanbark said...

What Brain said, about the "off the record" meetings!

WTF??? Are you reporters or sycophants? Don't answer that!

If the former, you shouldn't even be meeting with the asshole(s) on THEIR terms. If they want cotton-candy questions instead of the real ones, then go write THAT, and let them see how they like it.

I was over at Kos, and someone got this one off:

Nice little "freedom of speech" thing you've got going there. Be a shame if something happened to it."

The mistake I made: I kept telling my friends that Trump was going to ass-rape the republican party, and that corporate-based fascism was about to hit the wall.

How wrong I was.

jim said...

Had cable TeeVee for about two months in 2001 - because it was a free trial, no strings attached. Took two very adamant phone calls to get my trial subscription killed. It was right after 9/11 & the operator was literally aghast - "DON'T YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!?"

I knew damn well what was happening: my bullshit index was about to crater.
As it then did, on time & under budget.

Whereupon the motherfuckers promptly tried to bill me for the extra month of cable they gave away after ignoring my first call to cut it off.