Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Election Movies: The Dirty Dozen

We still have one operation to go. If we Liberals foul up on this one none of us will ever play the violin again. Cause up until now it’s all been a game. But as of this November, it’s going to be the real thing. And if you want to know how real, I’ll tell you. It’s my guess that a lot of you guys won’t be coming back. But there’s no sense in squawking about that, right? Cause the establishment never did love you anyway. And besides you all volunteered, right?

And just how is the war going so far?

Well, here it is, by the numbers.
One:  Down the escalator, Trump's just begun.

Two:  The media is through.

Three:  The Trumpkins hordes are on a spree.

Four:  Trump and his minions win a few more.

Five:  Scarborough lets him lie and jive,

Six:  The networks have found their ratings fix.

Seven:  Brooks swears Rubio will rise to heaven.

Eight:  Cruz surges too late.

Nine:  Brooks swears Rubio will do just fine.

Ten: Notice how much he sounds like Le Pen?

Eleven:  The media plumbs new depths of craven.

Twelve: John Kasich goes back on the shelf.

Thirteen.  McMullin gets in without being seen.

Fourteen: Zero hour: Trump takes over cable with naught but a phone.

Fifteen: Melania's plagiarism creates quite a scene.

Sixteen:  The press freaks out like it's Halloween.


John Livingston said...

Well done.

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Chaz-Rritt said...

And where is Donald Duck?