Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Reince Priebus Is Very Nearly Ready for the 2016 Republican National Convention

This morning, Reince Priebus found a card in the pocket of the big-boy suit that he borrows for public events.

It was a prompting-card that someone had tucked in there a year ago to remind Reince what sort of tone he should adopt when talking to the public about Donald J. Trump.

On that card was printed the word "Apoplectic".

"Dang it," Reince cussed testily, monetarily startling his staff of mini-Reinces. "All this time I've been thinking 'Apologetic'!  Why didn't any of you correct me?"

From (sorry) Mediaite:
Reince Priebus Is Reportedly ‘Apoplectic’ Over Trump’s Refusal to Support Ryan, McCain

The chairman of the Republican National Committee is reportedly furious with his own party’s nominee today.

Reince Preibus is “apoplectic” over Donald Trump‘s refusal to commit to an endorsement of House Speaker Paul Ryan and former party nominee John McCain in their upcoming primary races. Both Ryan and McCain face stiff competition, and yesterday Trump told The Washington Post that he’s, “not quite there yet” with a Ryan endorsement, using strikingly similar language to that which Ryan used months ago regarding Trump’s troublesome candidacy.
But his staff of mini-Reinces had already lost interest and gone back to grooming each other and chasing Pokemons.  

Because honestly, who gives the tiniest fuck what Reince Priebus has to say about anything anymore.


Robt said...

Foes Trump signal from the GOP presidential candidate batshit crazy cave to his supporters that, You should not vote for Ryan and McCain?

Are his supporters aware enough to grasp the Trump signal?

As discussed in the media the other day. It was suggested that we watch and see after Ryan and McCain's primaries. If they win them. What will be their public positions over Trump support?
Suggesting Ryan and McCain ride Trumpism to win primary and only then perhaps they feel more confident to stand for something other than Trump's degrading, demeaning platform that is going to make America great again.

Non GOP Senators seem to take more confusing positions (supporting Trump as GOP candidate but refuting Trump's stances on issues).

Trump hasn't grasped the Khan family's comments. Where Trump denounced McCain's service. As McCain groveled to Trump like Chris Christie being ordered by Trump to go fetch a bottle of water.
What I get out of this is< McCain only gives a damn about veterans when he can use them for votes of his support and when it comes to the needs and care of other veterans. He is willing to let them wither.
It is such a pathetic reality for all veterans to be represented by McCain today.

keith gargus said...

"Trump hasn't grasped the Kahn's family's comments." Sociopaths can't grasp that sort of thing. You can look it up.

dinthebeast said...

They still support him in the face of his insults and treachery because he is their only chance at the presidency now. They don't really care about his abilities where the actual job is concerned save that he be able to use a pen. He is using a risky strategy in his outrageous one-upping of his own outrages on a daily basis, but it is succeeding in distracting people from the fact that he is running as a Republican, with all that carries with it. Wildly offensive tweets and pronouncements are awful, but not nearly as awful as Paul Ryan's budget were it to actually become law...

-Doug in Oakland

RUKidding said...

Trump remains the logical outcome of the Southern Strategy, which has been the GOP's/M$M's main MO for the past 30+ years.

McCain suffers from some sort of delusional PTSD/Stockholm syndrome, and will suck up to anyone who looks like a sure bet for him. After all, he permitted the GOP to foist the Tundra Trash on him, which led to McCain losing to - gasp! shriek! - a darkie (you could tell that really pissed off the Maverick). So I guess getting shat on by alleged "billionaire" Trump is just another day ending in "y" for Walnuts McGrumpyPants.

Ryan didn't want the Speaker position. I guess I have to give him props for having some semblence of a brain. I also have to surmise that Uncas Davie & Chuckie are handsomely rewarding him with combat pay for what is a very unlovely jawb. I also have to assume that his Uncle Sugars are tossing a few bob his way to take out the sting of Trump's tweets.

Then again, who knows? Rinse Pubis notwithstanding, maybe both McCain and Ryan feel like they've dodged a bullet?? After all, NOT getting Trump's endorsement may seem like a good thing these days.

Lit3Bolt said...

@ Doug in Oakland

I agree to an extent, but part of that is the MSM getting starbursts over a Republican who can actually go a day without shitting the bed. It's not like it's ever been a high bar, yet somehow Donald Trump failed to meet it.

Fritz Strand said...

Poor Reince is cleaning up after Trump who is acting like the monster on the 'X files' 'Home Again', riding around in a garbage truck killing other Republicans.